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  1. These fish r great worth buying for sure I got 8 of them
  2. Hey Anthony I'm glad u kept him long enough to show the results that stain showed they were late bloomers.a lot of peeps knocked them because they don't pop at 6 cm but he is awesome just need to add more colour with ur own breed
  3. Google hydra mate that's wat it sounds like to me treat with blue copper powder
  4. It wil work mate if ur tank ur dividing is big enough to start with
  5. Hey mate I got heaps to choose from there young and not old worn out fish il even let u catch wat u want
  6. Hey mate sounds norm to me wen they get black patches keep coming back the colour deepens more to red orange
  7. Mikedenoob is right they are not the greatest quality but perfect to learn Atleast he ain't going to loose a $300 female from lack of experience
  8. Nice fish blade . Lucas has nice fish
  9. Hey mate grow the fry out and c wat happens .
  10. Cool guys fish look mad , wat a ripper fish beau .90g is be surprised if he's older enough but good luck mate keep updates coming
  11. Hey mate I got 9 at 2,3 cm $10 the lot it was a batch of bout 30 but culled the rest
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