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  1. Have a black plastic heater guard 36cm long, 2.6cm wide with suction cups for mounting to glass. Can be shortened by removing sections Pack opened but never used $10 Pickup Wavell Heights PM or 0417 610065
  2. Hi mate, try Huy at The Great Amazon in Adelaide; 0413 445 757. He might be able to source one if he doesn't have any atm. I can definitely recommend him.
  3. Do u still breed L046s? 

  4. Somewhere like Australian Packaging Supplies, Capalaba. There would be a supplier closer to you probably.
  5. Well, yep Brengun is about right. Just sent off a large box (57x38x37 - 10kg) from Bris to Syd, used to be $59 now $133. Anyone know where you can get the smaller boxes as that is ridiculous.
  6. Absolutley first class Setup, very neat, and amazing fish...Glad to meet you!

  7. Hi I was just wondering how many you have and what price do you want for them r

  8. HI mate,

    the guy had to changed plans and is not coming down to Bris now so the gravel is still for sale.



  9. HI Samo,

    will let you know if he doesn't pick it up.



  10. Looks like a polychaete to me. Comon in marine tanks but I have never seen one that large in a freshwater tank. No need to kill it, I doubt it is the cause of the fish deaths. Something like that might nip at small fish at night but not causing what your fish are doing. As for the real cause, not sure try a couple of 25% water changes during the next week and possibly 5ppt salt treatment or something like protozin for bacteria infection.
  11. Agree, sold about a dozen large catfish to a guy from central QLD. He was taking them back there; 2 days travel. He used 20-30L buckets with an airpump running one of those black cylindrical bio-chemical sponge filters in each. The sponge should be from a runing tank and don't feed fish a couple of days beforehand (if possible, depending on where you are getting them from).
  12. If you want a less permanent solution, you can use one male and one female threaded PVC fitting and an end cap glued with PVC glue. Either use a rubber washer on the outside to seal it or silicon between thread and glass. Can be dismantled easily if you want to use the hole down the track.
  13. DS see if this link works, was posted on plecofanatics a while ago. good info, but for the average fish keeper getting a lfs to do the packing is well worth the small fee they charge. http://www.plecofanatics.com/forum/show ... freighting
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