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  1. Looks like blue stricta to me. Easy to propagate just snap off stem and replant it. It will grow roots within couple of weeks
  2. Definate male in last pic
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  4. Hi super I'm really interested in some weeping moss as well how much for a small portion? And would there be enough for me aswell? Cheers Jake

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  6. U can add crushed white tuscan path pebbles from bunnings into the sand as well. They will slowly release co2 gasand help your plants to grow
  7. Just sprinkle very little, i sprinkle too much and than had to take the tank apart because of so much amonia gas build up. I would use no more than 5 grams
  8. I dont think that white gravel is best for plant growing, i would use layer of propagating sand from bunnings (unwashed straight from bag) than layer of washed sand. U can always sprinkle little blood and bone fert over the bottom of your tank before ypu put in the unwashed propagating sand to help plants thrive. Or if you like the gravel, u san add layer of it on top of the sand as well. The white pebbles are no good for growing plants unless there has been used before and there is loads of poop in it
  9. Oh i got a spare male here if u interested
  10. Well after listing all my catfish I have been selling group of 7 or so l144's which i have been growing up since 3cm mark for some time.... But because i be leaving for long holiday overseas i am selling them all. Well guess what someone has already payed me and is picking up the whole group on monday but today i come suprised to see 1 fry sucking on driftwood. I soon find a cave of 24-25 of them along with male. This really cool as it is first time l144's have bred for me but also sad as i have to get rid of them in 10 days
  11. yes sand is black in the bottom layers what can i do?
  12. search co2 sand based generating sub u see why use blood and bone
  13. anyone? interesting 22 views no advice hmmm
  14. Hey i have resetted up 3 foot tank. I use sand based co2 generating sub (blood bone on bottom covered by unwashed propagating sand and crushed marble and on top washed propagating sand) but its been 3 weeks plants ang algae grows well but it just smells soo bad i tried to ad charcoal in the internal filters but didnt help. I also do 20% water change weekly but doent help. It is planted tank with t5 ho 2ft and 2 small internal filters has been cycled before i add endlers for a week so its running for 4 weeks total. Any one can help me how to get rid of the smell? It just smells sooo bad and i have been topd it must stop otherwise i will have to drain the tank which would suck so please tell me what chemical to get or what to do but must be safe with plants and endlers
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