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  1. I've recently found some very nice looking pieces of driftwood which i believe to be eucalypt and cant boil them as they are 8ft long and reasonbly heavy. I would like some feedback on the method of bleaching at 1 cup bleach to 20ltrs water to kill unwanted pathogens etc. Any feed back and previous experience is greatly appreciated. They were found in clean running freshwater at twin bridges for those who may know the area. Gordofox
  2. I have 2 x eheim 2217's and they are by far the quietest most efficient unit i've used in my 12 yrs in the hobby. No offense but most issues with eheim are because of incorrect setup or of course a faulty unit.
  3. I'm looking at buying a 8x2x800 high tank from a place called aquarium warehouse at Labrador and would like to know in advance if they build a good tank. The owner builder said he's been building for 30 yrs and knows his ****. I can't knock this dude cos refused to build anything under 600 high with less than 12 mm glass. If anyone has dealt with this mob can you please give me some feedback .....
  4. Thanks for this, their prices and range are the best I've seen yet. You've been a huge help..
  5. I wish it was, it belongs to Jay Marmont. He won the Aus Monster Energy Supercross last year. I took this photo in the pits.. It's a 450..
  6. Cheers, that dupla gear sure is pricy eh....
  7. I'm having trouble finding a supplier in QLD who can suply me with a solenoid to stop and start a regulator, I'm hoping someone here can stear me in the right direction as i'm trying to source parts for a C02 system. I do have a C02 cylinder and regulator tracked down but need the solenoid and bubble counter. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  8. I'm planning on starting a planted aquarium soonish. I'm sourcing all my bits and pieces, am having some trouble finding my c02 gear. I have a 2.6 kg bottle and regulator. Where did you find solenoids and bubble counters etc...?
  9. I posted some pics of my braziliensis a few weeks back trying to get an idea of what sex they were. Now I'm sure I've got a pair....
  10. I'm going to be upgrading to a larger tank soon and have been searching for suppliers with a good price. My current tank was built by Aquariums R Us so I started back there. While prices seem good and the fact that my current set up is 8 yrs old and has never failed, I went to their branch at Meadowbrook today, and am now fairly sure that what I've got was a one off or someone else is cabinet making and building their tanks from when mine was made. So I need to ask you guys who built your tanks and at what kind of price. I don't mind spending the dollars to get quality, so any advice would be hugely appreciated. I would like to add that I'm not hating on Aquariums R Us because I've had no dramas what so ever with them and would recomend them to anyone who was working on a tight budget, but I'm going to 8 x 2 x 2.5 and with that much water in my lounge I want to sleep with absolute assurance that there will be no blow outs. Thanx in advance Gordofox.
  11. I'm in the market for a UV sterilizer set up of some sort. I've done some research and am satisfied that it's a definite advantage, but I want some guidance from anyone with experience with them. I currently have a 6 x 2 x 2.5 freshwater tank stocked with american cichlids. I have 2 x Aqua One internal filters that are rated at 2200lph, but actually probably only do about 1500, and 2 x Eheim Classic 2217's which I'm pretty sure are rated at about 1100 lph. I want to know what UV set up is best. I've seen internal, hang on back and a terminator which is added to the return line of the canister. How many do I need, what wattage is recomended, would I be better off having a higher wattage on one canister or 2 lower wattage units. I would also like some feedback on brands and even links to some good reading, sorry to ask for so much but I like to know everything possible before moving ahead. I might add that I will be upgrading to a 8 x 2 x 2.5 in the very near future. Thanx in advance Gordofox
  12. When I set up my first tank I had an oscar ( 30 cm ) and added a flowerhorn ( 15 cm )after dinner one night, next morning my oscar had no fins left and looked dead. I removed the FH and rehomed him and my O returned to health after a few months, moral of the story is never add a FH to a tank with anything that isn't bulletproof. I personally have never seen a placid FH, I'm sure they exist, but it doesn't sound like you've got one.
  13. Thanks for the feedback, I'm getting an 8 ft tank to move my community to so from what I hear a sterilizer would be added protection for my precious keepers, but I'm also going to use my current 6 ft to breed ebjd's, and I can see how using it there may not be so beneficial, what size would I need for a 1200 ltr setup and what is a good price/ brand??
  14. What are your opinions on UV Sterilizers? I'm thinking of installing one, are they a smart investment or a waste of time.?
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