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  1. Go for gold! Feed those fishes!
  2. I got mycobacterium granuloma a few years ago! Don't ever put a bleeding wound or cut into a fish tank. Apparently the water contains the free floating bacteria. Similar to legionaries and soil. If fish are stressed or poor water conditions they are susceptible to getting it and certain species more likely to get it than others (Bettas). Very hard to get rid of after you get it! I was on doxycline for 9 months and saw an infectious disease specialist at the wesley but the antibiotics ruined my immune system. If you have it take kefir! or eat lots of naturally fermented foods. regarding aquariums, heavy bleach and alcohol and leave empty for a long time! bacteria are highly resistant. bloody rigid cell walls!! good luck!
  3. WTB Microworm and/or a Vinegar Eel Culture if anyone has any close to Brisbane City? Would love to pick up ASAP! Please text me on 0423384426 if anyone has any cultures they are willing to sell. Thanks, Anine
  4. Hi I am looking to buy about 5 juvenile discus, does anyone know of anyone currently breeding? I am interested in any strains. Thanks, Anine
  5. Well I got pathology results from a lump on my finger, took 4 weeks to culture but I now have a mycobacterium confirmed infection which I got from a cut in one of my fish tanks outside. Not such a 'rarity' as one would think. Now have to splash a fortune on seeing an infectious disease specialist. IF you think it's TB ensure you where gloves when cleaning etc, use ethanol to clean followed by bleach than ethanol once again. Bleach wont kill it, it is an extremelllyyy slow growing bacteria but it is highly resistant to antibiotics and most cleaners. GOod luck and cross fingers it's not TB, but as unlucky as I and some of my fish are I am about to set up a 6x2x2 and cannot wait! Nothing will stop me from enjoying my hobby!
  6. Hi I was just wondering what the hourly pay rate was? My partner is currently looking for work
  7. Yeah I did some research prior to doctor who agreed with me so glad I did!
  8. God what a horrible story! Can't beat a cycled tank (excuse the pun) I hope he is ok now.
  9. Thanks for the head up! Been doing my research too, grossed myself out knowing I once swam in a green swimming pool, don't ask me why! My partner is even more against my hobby now haha ohwell it's not going to stop me!
  10. Hey guys please be aware of the dangers lurking in your fish tanks!! About 6 weeks ago I cut my finger on a tin can and stupid me before it had healed completely put my hands in one of my tanks... 2 weeks later after the cut had finally healed I developed a small bump with a little pustule on it, didn't think much of it but since than I have been to the docs.. After much deliberation and after a script of antibiotics we are thinking Aquarium tank granuloma. Please be aware this is a highly resistant bacterial strain (Mycobacterium Marinum) and the only 'cure' is multiple doses of antibiotics for 3 + months depending on it's severity. Before I take this course I am getting a punch biopsy done to confirm! BUT BE AWARE! For more information - FlippersandFins.net Fish Tank Granuloma
  11. Hey guys, I have decided to upgrade my planted 4 foot tank and bought myself a 6ft monster! I currently have plants in my 4ft and it looks nice, all healthy using aquasoil as substrate, dosing each week with Seachem flourish and excel daily, but I've decided if I am going to set up my dream tank filled with heaps of plants I think it's finally about time to get into C02. Can anyone give me any tips on using it? I am trying to find a good quality unit or is it better to source the parts separately? I have noticed some products on the market are only up to a certain amount of litres and I can't find anything that's probably more suitable for my size set up. Anyone know of any great C02 units or where I can get them from for a tank 680l with a larger cylinder capacity to hold more C02 so I don't have to refill too often.
  12. Thanks guys! yes it's 6 foot x 2 ft x 2ft and is absolutely massive not to mention heavy!!! My stepdad is an engineer and I think i'll seek out his opinion! The cabinet is flush on the ground so the weight is being distributed evening across the floor and there is going to be a big cement pole with a metal beam running 3/4 under the tank only problem is that there is only two floor joists under the rest of the tank. If I turn it the other way would be preferable but my living room will be one big fish tank! I'll let you all know how it turns out and will post some pics after I finally set it up but thanks heaps everyone for your advice!
  13. Hi guys, I am buying a tank with 680 litres, it has a stand plus a cabinet. I am Assuming my tank is at least 100 kg heavy not including the cabinet. My house was built in the 1930s and is two levels with the lower half not built in. I am hoping to put my tank in the living room but don't know if my floor will support this weight. I currently have a 230 l tank with stand and hood in the living room which has been there approx 6 months with no dramas. BUt I am worried the floor may collapse under the weight of my new tank. Does anyone know how to calculate the level of weight a standard old house floor can hold? The place I am looking at positioning the tank has a large concrete square pole supporting the left side of the floor boards where the tank would go with a sold metal beam running perpendicular to the tank but approx 20 cm from the left hand side of the tank. There is a wooden beam running adjacent under the top hand side of the tank but the rest is just beams branching perpendicular from where the tank will sit. I am frankly crap at maths and don't know how to calculate the weight the floor can take. Can anyone please helP! It's my dream tank and I really really really really really want it in my living room but the place I live in is a rental and I cannot afford to break the floor! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. THere is a massive mulberry tree behind my house so if anyone needs any let me know! I don't think it drops in winter either, it is an old thing with leaves all year round
  15. Hey guys I am planning on getting a 6x2x2 tank this saturday morning from regents park that needs moving to Brisbane city but don't have a ute only a land rover, if anyone has a ute and can give a lending hand I don't mine paying petrol and money for your time or a six pack whichever you prefer! I know it's late notice and completely understand if you can't but if anyone is free with nothing to do than please let me know!
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