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  1. yeah trying to.... talking to Properties and facilities on what we can do. I know if I went down there and started fishing for them security will be all over me. however if i can get approval then maybe something can be done (fishing etc) but as they need to be killed etc, might still get some issues from students being all anti killing of pests. If I dont get approval ill just go to DAF and report it to them. As these Lakes flow to brisbane river and the species page in DAF says they can withstand high salinity so maybe infect brisbane river and upstream? (i know long shot but could happen maybe) anyway ill see what happens p.s. would be nice to get something else in there to replace the fish we might be taking out. might have to do some research if we get the go ahead....
  2. hey guys, I just took a pic of this fish, hopefully enough for ID, i was just hanging down at UQ lakes (where i work) and i saw them, also a mate was interested in what type it was. I think it might be a Tilapia? probs around 10 or something at this size. p.s. cheated using my polarized sunnies to take away the glare from phone camera
  3. the reason i ask is that i had worms in my system. usually adults are ok with it but because they have it they are more susceptible to other things like velvet etc. Camallanus worms I got some bird worming tablets from the vet and crushed them up and treated them that way. I think the way they get into the system is from tank water or maybe from an infected fish. maybe just an idea. could be something else however the link is quite good.
  4. ok sweet thanks for the details. it has 3 point auto calibration. im guessing it uses the temperature gage to automatically determine what the PH should be as a solution of ph 4.01 @ 25 celsius is not the same at 20 celsius. just was a bit confused with the information on the internet on how to MAKE a ph 4.01 solution. As I have the powder + town water (town water is 7.8ph) but now i will get the power + distilled / deionized water which should get me pretty close to the 4.01 (depending on temperature)
  5. um i think i am making this confusing the "solution" is little packets of powder. like flavour sachets. so i need to mix the powder of 4.01 with some 7ph water? which would be like distilled or deionized water?
  6. oh ok. so i have to mix it with ph 7 water? like distilled or deionized?
  7. oh sorry, i was just venting some of my frustration as well with lack of information on the interwebs. basically How do i make a ph 4.0 solution?
  8. so, I got the 3 buffer solutions of PH 4.01 etc. but my question is. WHAT WATER DO YOU USE WITH IT. I have done a lot of searching and they all say "use your 4.01 solution" I am getting frustrated as they do not say how to create it. My water is around ph 7.8, and rain water is around 6.8ish, my understanding is that if i added the 4.01 solution to 7.8 tap water the "solution" wouldnt become 4.01 it would only reduced it a bit. do i need to get deionized water or distilled water?
  9. i got a EV20 from techden. very quite. seems good with low power. Pondpro Airlab EV20
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  11. i am a bit late into this conversation but the biggest error people do is not allow enough room between tank 1 and tank 2 (or sump) so i can change media or catch fish etc. and with wider tanks sometimes u want to get into the back corners which makes it a bugga if you dont have the head height between tanks.
  12. have a 4ft tank which i didnt touch for 6 - 7 months. only had 3 fish in it and about 5 cherries, no heater, no filter, no light and no water changes for that long. cleaned out the tank of all algae and plants and re did everything. still have 4 cherries, yeah they didnt breed but they didnt die lol. u can also go into yellows but u would want to remove the cherries as they can interbreed and u will lose their yellow colour.
  13. I just bought one of these today and it is pretty awesome. when i plugged it in i just pressed the set button (200w one) and then it flashed, i think kept pressing the button until it got to 26. i took a pic (using samsung galaxy s6 awesome pic imo) and it is reading 27, so looks like it shows you the current temp of the tank which is awesome imo.
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