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  1. Thanks for all the advice, I was able to get Tri Sulfa but unfortunately not tetracycline at this stage. I'll keep looking and see how I go. Atm I'm treating with Salt, Primafix and Tri Sulfa. I have also turned off the heater in the hopes of slowing down the Columnaris
  2. It's extremely hard to see as the spots are literally only hours old, but see if you can make out the blemish on the lips. It's far clearer in person...
  3. So tutters187 just to confirm are both Tri Sulfa and tetracycline shrimp and Kuhli safe? As far as I've read there are between two and four strains of Columnaris with varying degrees of speed. I think this is rapid as now 5 fish appear to have white lips (all fish were perfectly healthy before indroducing the Espei). I'll try and get a pic for you. Ps: Are these meds readily available from pet/aquarium stores?
  4. Hi everyone, I bought a single Espei Rasbora (sold as a Hengeli) from one of the forum sponsors on Sunday that had a white mark/lump on its mouth (I only noticed this after the fish was in my tank). Anyway after doing some research and euthanizing the fish today it looks as if the disease is Columnaris. On closer inspection it looks like at least three of my existing Hengeli are now showing initial symptoms. Can anyone please tell me how to treat this disease in a planted tank containing shrimp?? By all accounts the only suitable medication for treating this is 'API FURAN-2' which appears to be unavailable in Australia. Also there is a Black Kuhli Loach in the tank (also sensitive to medication so I've heard). Thanks in advance, I really appreciate it
  5. Thanks Eric! Nope no CO2 at this point, I'm really hoping to get away with a low tech setup to save on $$. Also as a side note I added another 60 red cherry shrimp from the outdoor water tank this weekend, all seem to be doing well so far!
  6. Thanks very much! I first set up the tank two and half weeks ago so I'm quite impressed with how quickly the tank established itself. Water parameters because stable after 14 days. Much quicker than I'd anticipated after reading blogs on ADA Amazonia!!
  7. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you a little tank I've been working on over the last few weeks. I was really inspired to have a go at my first proper planted aquarium and wanted to create a biotope in the process. As far as the setup goes I wanted to keep things low-tech so for subatrate I'm using ADA Amazonia with a concoction of garden centre fertilizers. For lighting I'm using an Aqua One PlantGlo LED and for filtration I'm using a Fluval 2 Plus. Current stocking in the aquarium consists of 10 Espei Rasbora, 1 Black Kuhli and 1 common Bristlenose (yes South American) and a bunch of RCS. As far as further stocking goes, I'm considering getting a Sparkling Gourami or two to stay in keeping with the Asian theme and add some interest to the lower region of the tank. Has anybody kept these tiny fish before? I really know very little about this Gourami so any advice on husbandry and how much I should expect to pay for these fish would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy the progress shots!
  8. If it is any help, my Betta (that also happens to be a Cambodian crown tail) was showing symptoms similar to what you describe when fed old, out-dated Hikari food. Since I have replaced the food for a new packet of Hikari, the symptoms have virtually resolved themselves. Best of luck with your Betta.
  9. From memory Petbarn has cell-cultured plants in sachets that are guaranteed to be snail-free for around $12.00 if you are hell-bent on the matter. Otherwise a Clown Loach, Empire Gudgeons or native Macro Shrimp will keep most snail species in check for you. Hope this helps.
  10. Wait what???... Do you have the source for that information, I would like to read more about it. If that is the case the government has proven itself to be a total and utter disgrace (once again).
  11. I would have to say a beautifully proportioned little fantail goldfish has my vote. What else can flourish in a tank as little 60 litres and develop into a spectacular 25cm+ gentle giant that has a graceful charm about it that no Cichlid or native could ever attain, and all this without heating, lighting, expensive foods or complicated filtration? It’s been a good 4-5 years since I have seen one at a pet store..... it must coincide with an apparent end to the culling practice. It seems to be the idea now that if it has two (or one and a half) caudal fins it’s a fantail, regardless of it lacking an eye (or two), various fins, a swim bladder, or has a body shaped like a sardine (yes, after the canning process), or possess the dreaded one caudal up and one caudal down.
  12. Sorry this is off topic, but I must say your garden is very beautiful. I love the sophistication of the gardens of yesteryear that require more labour than the all-too-common "modern" or "contemporary" gardens consisting of none other than sparsely planted arrangements of drought tolerant cordylines, agaves, and grasses. I applaud you for fostering the allurement of a traditional landscape. I look forwards to seeing the progression of your water feature and good luck.
  13. I have added some pictures to my original post. I hope that will help.
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