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  1. first one (8-9cm) second one (8-9cm)
  2. sorry mate, it is really far away
  3. yeah, I have some cherry shrimp atm, I will learn more about looking after shrimps. Cheers.
  4. Okay mate, I will stick to cherry shrimp, thanks
  5. well, ph under 7 is not easy for me, my tap water is 7.4, is it necessary to under 7?
  6. what are the requirements? dont know much
  7. I am thinking to get some Red Crystal Shirmps, but dont know their price. What's the common price of Red Crystal Shirmp in each grade? Like SSS, SS, S, A? Cheers.
  8. Hope the fish r doing well, great to deal with u. A++

  9. he does not eat, so I will try put some epson salt thx
  10. yeah it helps, it's hard to save him, god bless him lol
  11. One of my bristlenoses is belly bulging, what's wrong with him? I found this pic in Google, it is the same condition.
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