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  1. Had a look on AoA site and no sign of it on their, i couldnt imagine it being sikerflex after working with it for many years, i use to get a head spin off that Cr*p.. But i could be wrong, [MENTION=2664]cichlidwife[/MENTION]
  2. So what brand/type is that black silicon used in tanks? Also where to buy it from? Cheers Rowan(RJ)
  3. Anyone know who these people were? Would like to get in contact with them
  4. Does anyone know of the young blonde lady that worked the till at the front left side at the last auction. She was saying that her and her husband are mad keen rainbow keepers, and wanna try and contact them to try and track down afew other SP. of rainbows. Any help would be great. Cheers Rowan(RJ)
  5. I was thinking the same mate, their size is abit small for what i like, but they made the trip easily back to south ipswich with out any problems, and eating within 20min.
  6. All i can say is DAMN thats a wicked fish shop, so clean and tidy, extreamly well kept tanks and very top quality fish. Got ma mangrove jack
  7. Sweet, cheers finn, got one on hold for sat pickup but wasnt sure how much cash to take with me.
  8. I tryed calling afew times now but seams as if the phone is busy
  9. Jut wondering if anyone has been to smiths recently and if you know the price on their juvi mangrove jacks?
  10. Can get their when ever you please mate. Dont forget to sign up and get a number.
  11. Yeah my gess is 2ft. If you could post a picture of the tube/light it could make it easier
  12. Yeah mate the joys or being a contractor stockman
  13. Above that weir at My.Crosby is 100% fresh but below is the start of brakish. The water at collages rises up to 1m at hightide and -1m at low and depending on time of moon rotation(king tide)
  14. Its tidal [MENTION=3726]grubby[/MENTION]. Its more salt then fresh Never fished where its illigal ot practiced anything along them lines. I belive in fishing for the future. Catch and release is all i do unless its a 40-50cm flathead then i grab 1 or 2 :-)
  15. I was at the boat ramp man. Was their from 3:30 till about 9.
  16. Found this little guy in the castnet tonight at collages crossing (ipswich). So what SP. Is it? Never seen a sole/flounder up this far... it has a real strong tiger pattern in it.. Brought it home to get photos then released it back to where it was caught. Beautiful little fish.
  17. Smart as s gav [MENTION=4678]brwndoggy25[/MENTION] lol great minds think alike [MENTION=4136]rainbowrunner[/MENTION].
  18. So stand is all sealed with marine varnish and fiberglass resin. Now to put together and get it running. But will undecided on what to stock it with?????
  19. After talking to afew guys at DPI im not suprised if someone has some.... They have found some pritty interesting fish in aust..
  20. I have come to my conclusion that my FH is broken. Wont eat feeders anymore and is dam picky when it comes to food types and brands. This has only happened when i upgraded him to a 4x2x2 and since then he has lost his marbles. Use to hate BN with a passion and now lets them in his marble tile house/cave. I WANT MY SAVAGE FISH BACK. Not a big sissy of a fish....... Is it time to move him on or what. My bloody tetras are more savage for F-sake lol. As a young fella he was nuts.. He killed a jack of thr same size back then(15cm) but yeah, not no more!!! Anyone else ever had this happen? Its not a problem but loved watching him smash feeders and anything else...
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. The are top quality people thats for sure.
  23. Yeah cattys, sharks ,cod ,bass, and gess what. More catfish and the odd thredfin salmon
  24. Okay guys help. Got a 5x2x2 and not real sure on what to fill it with. Was thinking of a mass rainbow tank but still not sure. Its a outside tank and gets plenty of sun in that area. So their WIlL be a pleco. Throw me your ideas. And i want more then just one fish so no jacks or togas or anything along them lines. Cheers RJ
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