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  1. Hey @Mone no luck as of yet I’ll keep searching though
  2. his just wondering if there was many if any about these days or any other tangs Cheers
  3. Hi just after his number if anyone has it cheers Toby
  4. is this sold? if not what is ur friends number?

    Cheers Toby

  5. Yamba Just have some pepps, rainbows n L333's at the moment
  6. ok cool will do thanks for your help
  7. Hi all, My trio of peppermint bristlenose had a clutch of eggs the other day and i just went and looked in the tank and there were fry swiming around but they still have there yolk sacks and theres a bunch of about 5 eggs that have come out of the log (most are still in there), what would be my best options, leave them or get them out?? there in a 4ft tank on there own.. Cheers Toby
  8. yeah i thought they were exterminated from the green pools but it looks like theres a few there still stayed there for 20mins and got about 10 so me and my mate put them in our tanks i think they will take abit of getting use to tank life, just caught them on prawns like you would anyother fish you would think after years of being in there they would have lost all there colour nice looking still though
  9. Hi all i went fishing today at the beach and on the way back i walked past the green pools at angourie i thought id throw my line in for fun and caught this big fella its probz nearly 20cm pretty fish..
  10. Sorry about that i was just looking at some pics and they look like Archocentrus spilurus more than sajica they have awesome colours when breeding and there eyes go black..
  11. Hi, i was just wondering are these worth anything or are they just classed as another type of convict?? i havent seen any around for a while and a mates been breeding them and asked me to see if there worth anything... Thanks Tobz
  12. Hi Stace, Yeah all the fish settled in well sorry i forgot to tell you how they settled in i forgot been busy, the multis are breeding with babies everywhere,and the nigripinnis aren't yet but there getting close i think, They are starting to shake near each other, and are colouring up .... thanks for your info on the moorii hope mine start to breed soon, there a nice looking fish when there in there adult colouration.... Thanks Tobz
  13. Hi i just got myself a pair of these amazing looking fish the other day 14cm and 10cm i was just wondering what type of setup your breeding yours in ive just got them in a 4 footer with a few rocks and there on there own just crusin aroud together Thanks Tobz
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