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  1. Also, i bought a cheap ebay regulator and it is to performing well. I just have to tweek the needle valve once a month or so. I've heard co2 art is the bomb though.
  2. Looking good. Personally, I'm not a believer in overpriced plant substrates. I've always used a relatively coarse sand, like a river sand, pool filter sand etc. in conjuction with a quality water column fertiliser. Liverpool creek aquariums all in one being my favourite. From what i have seen, there isnt much you cant achieve with sand, a decent light and LCA all in one.
  3. A bigger diameter hose. I think mine is 25 or 32mm from bunnings, drains my tanks in no time. Either that or attach a pump to your existing hose, i vote the first option.
  4. Smiths had a very good selection last time i was there. Looks like they have a good variety in stock too ( according to their website )
  5. Hi, i have looked at Smiths. That's actually where i bought the habgood river trifasciata from. I just thought I'd try my luck with local breeders first. They don't seem to be very popular, it's looking like Smiths or Livefish might be my best bet. Cheers
  6. Hey guys, are there any rainbow breeders out there? I have two tanks that i want to stock with single species of melanotaenia in each. I am set on Herbertaxelrodi for one tank and pretty open for the other. I currently have 12 good sized Trifasciata 'Habgood River' and i am willing to swap 3-4 of them for another species, as theyre are outgrowing their 4x15x18 tank. Cheers.
  7. This is what i've been using, dosing once a week after a water change. I was also recommended the Liverpool Creek 'all in one'. I can't remember why i chose the easy life, but i've been happy with it so far ( I have java fern and anubias also).
  8. I have some you could have. Bought it from the tech den for anyone interested.
  9. I havent clad it yet. I left it open, so it was easier to spot where any leaks/bowing/movement were. After 4 or so months of trouble free operation, i will probably finish it off soon. The liner is folded in the corners, however cutting and joining wouldnt be a big job. It just increases the likelyhood of a leak if done incorrectly.
  10. Pine frame, mdf box and pond liner was the cheapest way i could find to do it (whilst still considering strength and longevity). However mine is only 1400L. I would happily build one with a much larger footprint this way, but i would definitley make a few changes if it were 1m in height+
  11. Little update. Some new additions and brighter lights, enjoy...
  12. Cheaper, easier, quicker and IMO less likely to have a weak spot (leak).
  13. Onto the viewing window... I cut the opening in the MDF for the glass to sit inside of, making sure i had 5-10mm extra around the perimeter of the glass. The 5-10mm is for the liner to go through, aswell as a bead of the gold label sealant (hope that makes sense). You can see the 90x35mm frame surrounding the window is 2 pieces of timber thick. The inner pieces were put on first, which allowed me to pull the liner through the gaps on the outside... Once the liner was pulled through, the extra timbers were added to secure the liner in place (aswell as add extra support to the front of the tank). After completing the above, the tank was flipped onto its front (viewing window down). Before i put the glass into place, i applied liquid nails to the 90x35mm frame which you can see on the inside of the window opening. I did this in hopes to hold the glass into pace. Which in turn, will put less stress on the sealant and also the liner. I then had a 5-10mm gap around the glass to fill with gold label sealant. I applied this generously and made sure to fill the gap completely until (atleast) flush with the glass. I left the tank face down for a week or so to ensure the liquid nails and gold label sealant had time to cure. I hope i didnt just confuse the crap out of you, its much easier to describe in person haha.
  14. [MENTION=12165]Hoffer_20[/MENTION] I cant send pictures via pm so I'll do what i can here... I'll do my best to list all materials used for the build and try to explain the glass and sealing process. - 4 sheets of 16mm MDF. - 90x35mm structural pine for the frame and stand (unsure how many lengths i used). - 2 tubes of Gold label pond and aquarium sealer. - 1 tube of selleys liquid nails - mirror, metal, glass. - 1 tube of selleys no more gaps. - 8-10x57mm chipboard screws. I also used a shorter screw for some of the joins, however i forget the length sorry. - 4x3m of 0.5mm pvc pond liner. - 70x35mm non structural pine (this just holds the liner in place at the top of the tank, as shown in the pic below). - Acetone. I may have missed a couple of things, ill add them to the list as i remember them lol.
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