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    lgw got a reaction from Seamingly in Seamingly's 2 Foot Planted Tank   
    Looking good. Personally, I'm not a believer in overpriced plant substrates. I've always used a relatively coarse sand, like a river sand, pool filter sand etc. in conjuction with a quality water column fertiliser. Liverpool creek aquariums all in one being my favourite. From what i have seen, there isnt much you cant achieve with sand, a decent light and LCA all in one. 
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    lgw got a reaction from QldMick in Melanotaenia breeders   
    Hey guys, are there any rainbow breeders out there? I have two tanks that i want to stock with single species of melanotaenia in each.
    I am set on Herbertaxelrodi for one tank and pretty open for the other.
    I currently have 12 good sized Trifasciata 'Habgood River' and i am willing to swap 3-4 of them for another species, as theyre are outgrowing their 4x15x18 tank.
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    lgw reacted to tdj5 in Melanotaenia breeders   
    have a look on marine fish live its a Sydney fish site and they have some for $18 at 5 cm
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    lgw reacted to tdj5 in Melanotaenia breeders   
    Have you looked at smiths aquarium or look at their site 
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    lgw got a reaction from Harris. in Which plant fertiliser to use?   
    This is what i've been using, dosing once a week after a water change. I was also recommended the Liverpool Creek 'all in one'.
    I can't remember why i chose the easy life, but i've been happy with it so far ( I have java fern and anubias also).
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    lgw got a reaction from 5h4d0w in Dedicated "Full Tank Shot" Thread   
    The 7ft just set up

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    lgw reacted to Grover65k in Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou   
    Sunday Snoozing Under the Covers...
    You'll be pleased to know the Dog & I have gone all-out in pursuit of the GPGs. Tantalising food, and under-water video have been employed.
    Sadly, the first results show just the usual suspects - goldfish and a few Oscars...

    But then, we ran around to the deep end of the Billabong - aha! Much more exciting!

    And, the obligatory "close-up" of the star with the nuchal hump!

    Yes - I had to take two (2 !) photos to get it all in (I'm sure he was eyeing off the camera to swallow it). Really bad Photoshop skills here (let's face it - zero skills), but you get the drift. 
    (Pssst! If you make your PC or laptop screen window skinny the photos stick together - one on top of the other! Ha!)
    And finally, yes there's a video to watch -->
    GPG UW Billabong11

    PS: @crusty76 that's "Nelson" at the 2 minute mark with his natty hole in his forehead.  No sign of any return of HITH, so he's doing fine.
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    lgw reacted to sarah1234 in My dream tank has finally arrived! 8x3x2   
    Hey bro, got it from michael at aquarium and petland southport. he makes good tanks.
    price is private. get a quote.
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    lgw got a reaction from mortie in biggest and best american for my tank?   
    If i was to stock my tank again, id go vieja species for sure.





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    lgw reacted to marshy1 in Aluminium stands   
    Tanks look great where did you get them from?
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    lgw got a reaction from nathan4486 in Members TOP PIC List   
    Reminds me of a fat kid lmao

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