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  1. dexter cheers mate have a few snow white crs on the way but iam talking bout white cherries not see through ones but actuaslly white
  2. o if only someone had some black cherries or the new white cherries!
  3. hi mate, belive i have see blue before ?? fish chicks maybe
  4. Crs to be honest we all know that pretty much everything you see on the net is here i aus, just comes down to when or if people will let them out or make it public i guess??
  5. blues, browns, yellows, and rilli of all 3 colours to go with them maybe more but who knows .
  6. hey all, i know this topic has come up before but just want to see whats new out there with everyones blues line coming along post some pics if you got anything coming along?? i have one or two that are looking very promising if i can find the buggers in the 4foot ill take a few snaps and post them up, also got 2 rili that came out of a batch off cherries i picked up at pet city no idea how or why but who cares iam happy. shrimpey
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