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  1. +1 for fine mesh.. I am also trying to figure out a way to do this nicely/seamlessly.
  2. I may not have a reef tank.. but this tank is screaming REEF!! I would go large low/medium light plants with catfish and a schooling fish
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  4. pipettes!!.. small version of a turkey baster =D
  5. This suggestion made me laugh.. But if works, why not? Lead Ties would do the job. Or sinkers used for fishing. What plants are they? and as above, how thick is your substate?
  6. well this is an interesting scape xD Sand can sometimes compact too much and cause the soil to become deprived from air; causing plant roots to rot. Echinodorus, crypts should do fine.
  7. leave them as they are, but definitely insulate the Sump.. as above. If you're not keen on using polystyrene straight and losing bits of it everywhere. Have a look into Foam Core. I use it to make models out of. Essentially its foam sandwiched between cardboard. Looks better =D
  8. Jager or Tronic heaters are AWESOME! I prefer the Tronic's to the Jager as they are smaller in size. Might also be worth checking out the Aquael Ezyheat, they are very slim and hide nicely in aquaria.
  9. no... roots don't grow that fast
  10. I would personally grab a 1kg/2.5kg cylinder... it'll last AGES! 6months+ at around 1bps
  11. Both of the above places are the best to find such items. Just bare in mind that Bonsai Driftwood will decay/breakdown faster the others
  12. As [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] mentioned before, the GH & KH will determine the Ph Swing. If you have a high GH & KH the water will require more CO2 to Lower the Ph. The Lower the GH & KH value, requires a lower amount of CO2 to alter Ph.
  13. Glass CO2 Indicators have a lag time, they are not instantaneous. A test kit would provide you with accurate results instantaneously.
  14. Squeeze all the lovely brown stuff from your sponges into the water.. Mmmmhmmm, tasty! That'll help, and maybe change the existing media in the current tank with some new media? maybe swap 1/5 or 2/5 with new media and put the seeded media into new filter
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