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  1. cheers for the heads up digger , well aware they can be broken but just hoping for not as easy of a break , kinda more just the weight difference too help also as the fancy lids make my life easy but when jumpy fish hit them and being only 4mm currently they simply slide themselves open and then 1 more jump and its bye bye fishy pet unless I just so happen too be around when this occur's ya know what i mean lol. Perhaps I somehow get a 10-12mm rear lids and just get myself the 6mm lids upfront for the simple fact of still using the slide function even though it will be sliding glass ontop of glass ? Anyone have any sweet alternative's , need tough lids too hold down 60cm+ jumpy fish and still allow my lighting too do its job properly .... I know right, should be a simple fix.
  2. Need some 6mm glass lids for an 8x2.5x2.5 tank , they will be on sliding rails so cant have any thicker than 6mm but needs too be 6mm. anyone wanna do a lil cashy ?
  3. That toga was too friendly for its own good for year's i'd owned it , never killed any tank mates! -- I often witness my giant gourami causing blunt trauma on his oscar tank mate however --
  4. I can highly recommend those lights from aquaholics , quality lighting for less than half the price you pay for bloody others like fluval !!!!! -- I recently bought that light in the 5ft version too light just a 6x2 and its incredibly bright when on full power i just use it at half strength .
  5. that's an expensive looking swamp you have there , must provide alot of relaxation when you look into it ! scrap the discus idea man , you could maybe make a killing from growing mosquito larvae perhaps even a brilliant alternative too people doing the baby brine shrimp thing!!!! ripper tank man
  6. Thought one of the reasons too jump into a van and travel would be too take a break from fish keeping !
  7. First up should try this ---- http://www.thetechden.com.au/Waterlife_Myxazin_500ml_p/wr22.htm If that doesn't work i'd either try salt bathing the fish or alternatively a formalin bath , but first course of action would be using that product in above link. Also , 6x2x2 is going too require a more frequent waterchange plan than once every 10 days , ATLEAST 50% waterchange once a week.
  8. you will not raise a good leichardti in a 2ft wide tank , maybe consider selling the leichardti and purchasing a jardini instead . they grow ALOT bigger than 60cm in a fish-tank , i've kept many over the years beyond that size , when they feel 'threatened' they will jump and smash through your lids keeping a leichardti in a 2ft wide tank is a great example of a fish being cramped up with no where too go except through your lids whenever spooked. agree with above post , i've had some lei's be super aggressive and kill tank mates for the sake of killing and i've raised others that wouldn't eat a feeder fish or crayfish even if you wanted too try , I found when raising them from a smaller size keeping them in a community environment from the beginning is a massive help with this , higher the tank density *stocking* the less chance your toga will single a certain fish out for repeated beat downs. good luck with keeping your toga , i suggest when having this tank built whatever size tank you do choose in the end make sure you have atleast 10mm thick glass lids and throw a few sandbags ontop for good measure as once they reach above the 60cm + area they are very capable of going through lids with ease.
  9. nice thinking , i regularly use easy life when doing my water changes with local town water , i also heavily dose my *freshwater* tanks with salt with every water change , haven't ever noticed an ammonia spike but it's not often that i even ever use a test kit that's only something i look at if a fish or fishes are acting or looking strangely.
  10. just ban that bloke already , dodgey as buggery & this isn't a first time offence as previously stated , seem's too be quite a consistent effort for him too profit from others kind acts.
  11. small fish = small bio load though , its possible BUT are you shaking test 2 for the nitrate for the full 30 seconds + before adding the drops too vial ? one of my single fish would eat poop & pee more nitrate in a day , let alone 4months & i use atleast 5+ litres of marine pure per tank. if the nitrates stay below 40ppm , im a happy man with no stress. love the results though mate, maybe post a few pictures of your tank / filtration if you can be bothered ?
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  13. Yep would be missed , Don't use facebook or fancy phone social networking , QLD-AF only !! Although sometimes highly controversial and opinionated , I don't mind having input other than some members whom just spend they're time complaining up a storm & offering very little in the way of aquarium knowledge or things too buy / sell !!
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