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  1. Hey dude,

    how heavy do you reckon the tank is and how many people did you need to move it into place?

    i may have found transport for it, but need to find people to lift it

  2. Hey mate,


    just wondering who bought  your Manacapuru Angels? The reason I ask is I have a lone female I'm looking to get rid of (giveaway). I bought a pair from Fishchick aquatics but the male passed some time ago.





  3. Anyone with plant experience please

    I'd trim the roots, let your stems shoot new roots, this will help establish them quicker as well.
  4. Shogun 500w LED heater

    This is funny, my shogun 500 has outlasted my eheim jager 300. I find the shogun an awesome heater, I did find that calcium/algae build up over the probes at the top will prevent the heater from activating, it will recognise as being out of water and remain switched off. A good clean and the heater works perfect as new. If it makes a difference mine is always in the recommended upright position, not diagonal or horizontal in the tank.
  5. What Makes a Nano a Nano?

    Haha nice ;p
  6. What Makes a Nano a Nano?

    So when is it a pico tank? :/
  7. White sand

    Go the rich grow play sand from Bunnings, looks awesome and at $7.75 a 20kg bag who can argue. You do need to wash it for a while though. But it's worth it.
  8. So where in the photo is the black in the caudal fin, and also do you pay no recognition to the black at the base of the dorsal fin?
  9. Very true TED, fish shops still just label them all as flying fox. Just to charge a little extra. Sae don't have the gold band above the black lateral bar.
  10. Haha granted you are correct about classification, you are still wrong about it being a true Siamese flying fox. Lol
  11. That's not a flying fox, that's Garra taeniata. Red Nosed Garra. Often confused for true flying fox. True flying fox has black towards the outer edge of the dorsal fin.
  12. Hard to find Angels

    Haha you have a spare $20 000 odd dollars for a pep?
  13. CADE 1200 Low Maintenance Planted Journal

    Great looking tank!