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  1. Anyone with plant experience please

    I'd trim the roots, let your stems shoot new roots, this will help establish them quicker as well.
  2. Shogun 500w LED heater

    This is funny, my shogun 500 has outlasted my eheim jager 300. I find the shogun an awesome heater, I did find that calcium/algae build up over the probes at the top will prevent the heater from activating, it will recognise as being out of water and remain switched off. A good clean and the heater works perfect as new. If it makes a difference mine is always in the recommended upright position, not diagonal or horizontal in the tank.
  3. What Makes a Nano a Nano?

    Haha nice ;p
  4. What Makes a Nano a Nano?

    So when is it a pico tank? :/
  5. White sand

    Go the rich grow play sand from Bunnings, looks awesome and at $7.75 a 20kg bag who can argue. You do need to wash it for a while though. But it's worth it.
  6. So where in the photo is the black in the caudal fin, and also do you pay no recognition to the black at the base of the dorsal fin?
  7. Very true TED, fish shops still just label them all as flying fox. Just to charge a little extra. Sae don't have the gold band above the black lateral bar.
  8. Haha granted you are correct about classification, you are still wrong about it being a true Siamese flying fox. Lol
  9. That's not a flying fox, that's Garra taeniata. Red Nosed Garra. Often confused for true flying fox. True flying fox has black towards the outer edge of the dorsal fin.
  10. Hard to find Angels

    Haha you have a spare $20 000 odd dollars for a pep?
  11. CADE 1200 Low Maintenance Planted Journal

    Great looking tank!
  12. l f s

    I agree with Donny, if it's cichlids you are after Smith's and Pet City are definitely the best to check out on the way back up.
  13. l f s

    Where in southport are unique aquariums? They were behind the brick works but are no longer there. I didn't find there selection that good, like a smaller version of pet barn. I still think pet barn in Nerang is pretty good even though they got bought out, they don't get the rarer stuff they used too but they have way more than any other yellow/black pet barn. Think they still have a harlequin shark for $100.00 if anyone is interested. Pretty cool looking thing. Bernies pet barn is probably the one to check out, they get some pretty rare stuff occasionally, and good prices too. Aquariums alive are pretty pathetic these days, their quality of fish has declined I saw lots of scrawny fish when I was there last, lot of their stuff is pretty overpriced as well to be honest. $15 for a julii Cory (Corydoras trilineatus) at 2.5 cm when I bought 4cm for $9 at berries pet barn..
  14. Was thinking of getting some of these again myself the other day. Anyone know what they sell for these days?
  15. Angel fish

    Give forum user ssdiscus a try, had some very nice sapphire blue Angels that he breeds.
  16. Pistia stratiotes- Water lettuce

    Spose one way to look at it is that it's been declared a pest and the gov is trying to get rid of it so the last thing they would want is people stock piling them at home and reintroducing it after it's been eradicated from an environment. Same would follow for any other pest species. In comparison to something like a cane toad, aquatic plants/fish are relatively confined considering they can't venture from their aquatic environment. Cane toads are everywhere and can spread where they want (as proven), it would be a seemingly impossible feat to try and rid Australia of them.
  17. Richgro Play Sand

    I did a pH test on it too, going to add it into my geo tank once it's done being built by Dennison. Had no affect on the pH of my water. Compared it to the 30kg of sand I bought for $90 at a pet store the guy said would not affect pH. Guess they were wrong. Haha
  18. Rhad breeding register

    Pm sent grubby
  19. Nice bit of driftwood, the tank looks awesome!
  20. Azul PB

    Gorgeous mate! Very lucky. Wish I could have some of these little stunners!
  21. 5ft Planted Discus tank

    Looks awesome, can't wait to see it when the plants are grown in. Well done!
  22. Hi guys just wondering if anyone could help ID this native plant, at least I think it's a native. Was collected growing fully submersed in the Coomera river. Any ideas? The leaf structure looks similar to Blyxa sp. and it does appear to be a stem plant not a creeper. Any help would be much appreciated!
  23. 4 foot tank been cycling for a week

    I like using the example that keeping fish without a test kit is like driving down the motorway blindfolded. You really don't know what the hell is going on or what you are doing! A master test kit from API costs like $30-40 bucks online and include NH4; NO2; NO3 and pH tests, so do yourself the favour!