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  1. Hi guys, I have taken apart my terrarium. It includes a marine ply cladded adjustable steel stand, 6x3x2 tank and marine ply hood with led lights. Im asking $700 as I need to get rid of this asap. The tank has a hole drilled in the bottom, easily repearable with patch or replacing the bottom panel. The back brace also has a crack, however this has not impacted the tank at all when i had it filled for my geos. Contact Martin on 0406772751 if interested.
  2. $700 6x3x2 Tank and Steel Stand setup

    Tank needs to be gone in two weeks or its going to a mate guys and gals.
  3. $700 6x3x2 Tank and Steel Stand setup

    To the top!
  4. $700 6x3x2 Tank and Steel Stand setup

    @Rotarmaster, this tank mate;)
  5. Terrarium for sale

    Mods please close thread, i have taken this tank apart.
  6. Terrarium for sale

    Hi guys I have my complete 6x3x2 terrarium/indoor garden up for sale. Asking $1200 for it. Its a 6x3x2 tank with irrigation system, drainage, led lights, full marine ply cladded steel stand and hood. Message Martin if interested: 0406772751
  7. Terrarium for sale

  8. Terrarium for sale

  9. Terrarium for sale

    Price drop $800
  10. Terrarium for sale

  11. Terrarium for sale

  12. Terrarium for sale

    Haha thanks, the tank really looks after itself. I just occasionally spray the plants with a diluted orchid Fert mix.
  13. Terrarium for sale

  14. Terrarium for sale

  15. Terrarium for sale

  16. Anyone with plant experience please

    I'd trim the roots, let your stems shoot new roots, this will help establish them quicker as well.
  17. Shogun 500w LED heater

    This is funny, my shogun 500 has outlasted my eheim jager 300. I find the shogun an awesome heater, I did find that calcium/algae build up over the probes at the top will prevent the heater from activating, it will recognise as being out of water and remain switched off. A good clean and the heater works perfect as new. If it makes a difference mine is always in the recommended upright position, not diagonal or horizontal in the tank.
  18. What Makes a Nano a Nano?

    Haha nice ;p