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  1. Thanks everyone and its for fresh water cheers
  2. Hey guys just wondering what plants help with water quality?? cheers
  3. ohk thanks everyone but if i want to put cordyoras pygmaeus and cherry shrimp into a tank (mini community) what else can i put in with them??? cheers
  4. Thanks man and what else besides shrimp can u put in with them???
  5. As the title states I'm just after info or tips to breeding corydoras pygmaeus??? cheers
  6. hey guys im just wondering who sells umbee's on here or who on here breeds them? really want one they are hands down my favourite fish. cheers
  7. thanks guys all was very helpful and taken into consideration and are any of u selling a bn pair or trio by any chance cheers
  8. thanks tech den and would a smaller pleco like l397 be much harder to breed then a bristle nose???? cheers
  9. what temperature does the water have to be and do the eggs need to get tumbled or anything????
  10. hey guys I'm thinking about breeding bn, so i was just wondering what temperature, ornaments, etc you need to breed bn and if there is an easy breed to breed besides normal/common bn can u please tell me all opinions accepted and appreciated cheers
  11. hey guys are the title states im just wondering what frontosa breeds are available and who breeds them??? cheers
  12. thanks guys but i only have a 4x2x2 so to small for a toga or mangrove jack etc. cheers
  13. can u put silver scat, red scat, silver mono agents and ell/salmon tail catfish in a tank together?? cheers
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