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  1. Hey mate, i have the same situation as you. i purchased the 2000lph with UV sterilizer off guppies aquariums about 4months ago and am super happy. 99.00 +postage and it is awesome, the filter is actually next to my bed/head and only hums very lightly. the aquaone 100lph bubbler is much much louder, this is on a 4x1.5x1.5.. unless you are a 'princess and the pea' type sleeper i really couldn't see it causing any distress... dont waste the money on an eheim.. you can get another filter if it breaks, has warranty and they ship within a day.. save your money for booze, cigarettes and cheap ladies of the night...
  2. hey fish dude its a f1 orange head tapajos. really nice fish!

  3. Hi, just wondering what type of fish you have as your profile pic? It looks great.

  4. Larger more colourful pajos are from fabs about 8-9months old i think the smaller less colourful ones are new editions from americanlover2 about 3-4months old photos are taken with a gopro and just had my hand in the water (debris) hope someone else enjoys them as much as i do
  5. PM sent.........................
  6. awesome, cool stuff. Mine are at the "july 20th" stage haha. Just starting to put their colours on. hopefully with the diet, water changes and i also got some purigen and matrix, they really start to shine. thanks cav
  7. Unfortunately i had to euthanize him this afternoon, i returned to him bobbing around the top of the tank slowly getting pushed around. Thanks for all those people who took the time to try help me. I havent given up on these fish, i think i will just get a smaller nano for them. ultimate parameters, will make the pope's holy water look seedy. I think it may have been a bacterial infection as the autopsy revealed no damage to gills or abnormalities in the stomach. (scalpel and magnifier glass). Again thanks to those who contributed, it was just the case of a little too late i think. Again thanks people
  8. Excellent news, just did a water change then. good about the blood worms also, would have been pretty cut with a freezer full of no good chum.. is there anything else that could be beneficial to them? frozen discus food?
  9. Hi there, i currently live on the gold coast and am on the hunt for leaves, i know the where abouts of some japanese maples, but would like to find out where i could find IAL or perhaps even an oak tree
  10. symptoms are as described originally, discoloration, lack of ability to breath (so it seems), tendency to hide, seems exhausted. Ph is fine as well as other parameters. TDS might be a little high, though nothing crazy, 25% water changes twice a week. and have been using a softener cushion (now removed), mixture of gold coast sand and 1mm gravel used, (thoroughly washed and aged). temp is fine and will start changing water with rainwater 25-50% daily. wasnt able to get a photo this morning before work and he was sitting underneath the intake for the canister filter, looking pretty worse for wear. might be a sad afternoon when i return home.
  11. Wondering what the best diet for these guys would be and the frequency for maximum growth. they are nearly 8months old roughly and i have been feeding them a mixture of spectrum, spectrum thera + and hikari, also superior brand blood worms though i hear blood worms are apparently not the best and hence want to change. I feed them morning, afternoon and night. what would you recommend in their diet to best accommodate their health and growth? will post some pics tomorrow.:confused:
  12. damn lfs, thanks ill look into that
  13. cannot get a good picture at the present, i have a gopro low light and its hiding behind a log.. will try again tomorrow with better lighting, appears to be rather dull in colour. has characteristic colours just not very vibrant, body is slightly grey/silverish..
  14. no worms, though it has been feeding on tiny red worms. apparently not good..
  15. i doubt that the values would be that of zero, though as my eyes cannot quantitatively view the spectrum and correctly analyze the API test, i will have to go with zero. +- 5ppm
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