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  1. looking good hope all goes well keep up the pics
  2. any good lfs will get them in for you (not cheap)_
  3. ORANGE lasers?? put me down for 30 of them .. very nice looking fish how big is the colony there in and how m to f are there
  4. in the l number book there is red , blue ,albino common peps o/spot calicos but never seen green? the reds will be here soon theres a lot of things in australia that we dont know about
  5. congrats on the eggs bro i would love to get sum little guys off ya nice looking oscars
  6. well that cool . i hope it works for ya
  7. that is wicked man ...... my 2 year old loves to sit and watch the fish as well the G.G is very nice what size tank is it in and how old is it thanks
  8. i have a female b/n thats n8 years old 15.5cm (the size of a pleco ) lol
  9. welcome to the fun house hope you like it as much as we do
  10. ok i have a 4x2x20" tank in the lounge i have Ls , choc,plecos gold spots plecos , orange spot trio , albino pair no prob @ all . all 7-12cm,..... and the o/spot on eggs ive added at dif erent times but all been happy for mths now . as some people on this fourm have seen them loving each other, even at feed time thats my 2 cents worth
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