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  1. Hi Lazybonezz,


    i saw on a post that you have some Urau for sale.

    what size are these and how much thanks.


  2. Red Severum < Gold Severum

    Yeah there's great coloured yellows and I guess there's shit coloured reds out there too. I like to think my reds do justice to the colour red considering they have never been fed colour enhancing foods. If you can see pics of the parents you will have a good idea of what the fry will end up like and you can't really go wrong. But then again mine might just be extremely red looking yellows I guess it depends on who's looking at them. Lol
  3. Flow accelerator

    Guppy 's at Burleigh have accelerators not sure about twins but I know they have the normal ones
  4. last nights Auction

    How can a monocirrhus polyacanthus show up at and auction like that just baffles me, been looking for so long for these guys just never see them come up. maybe I'll just have start looking at going to these guppy , bristlenose, electric blue & yellow auctions in future. Gob smacked
  5. Diy 5000 L tank

    It's on gumtree for sale isn't it?
  6. Marine pure spheres or K1/micro K1

    K1 does work but you can't beat or compare with marine pure, 2L worth will fill 1 compartment with some spare to put in another compartment or another filter
  7. Name this Frontosa

    Not Mpimbwe no zorro mask id say Burundi
  8. Thanks again guys same old story ordered stuff yesterday arrived today, can't beat price or delivery speed! excellent work cheers.
  9. Show us your sump setups

    Ha yeah I know "what was I thinking" lagging yeah I told you I had a 30cm x 30cm piece here you can have 😂
  10. Adult albino polystigma

    Good to know wish I'd grabbed some photos for ya's but the males had a great slender longer shape and big heads, the girls they were just chunky as, like mini potato cods, been out of Africans for quite sometime now but these looked that awesome they made me want to buy them, had to turn around and run out of shop before I did ha. But can't stop thinking of them now though, maybe have to go back tomorrow. I might have use the excuse I'm out of fish food just need to pop in for a minute
  11. Show us your sump setups

    Yeah bit old skool too 6x3x1.5 has 6 chambers K1, Jap mat, bio balls, marine pure, noodles, clay balls & Dacron, Laguna pump. I use some acoustic foam and rubber lagging to insulate the outsides works a treat.
  12. Adult albino polystigma

    Cheers for that I had seen some that were traded the other day and they were asking $40 each so I didn't know if they were still classed as rare or not but all males were white with the blue and girls were white with great looking rust colour pattern all over them nice looking fish real grouper looking
  13. Does anyone know what adult albino polystigma around 15-20cm in size would be worth $ ?
  14. Cammalanus Worms

    I get my kusiri from living reef aquariums on the Gold Coast, actually in there today and they had plenty in stock
  15. Sharks

    There was an apparent platinum one and normal ones advertised for sale on scumtree last week in brissy