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  1. Uaru

    Uaru Xmas sale I have 2 lots of 10 for sale All of them are 8cm - 9cm I have been growing these guys out but I need to move them on to make space. Great opportunity to start an instant colony at a great price. Only have 2 lots for sale so 1st in gets them. Can freight airport to airport Australia wide but I do not use couriers. Send me a message if interested cheers 10 x 8cm-9cm $450
  2. Not this young you can’t but at a guess maybe the faster growing ones are males
  3. "Weekend bump" still have some available
  4. Uaru juveniles

    "Weekend bump" still have a few available in all sizes and all eating like little pigs and growing fast
  5. L134 Leopard frog trio 4 sale 2 x adult males and 1 x adult girl 9cm each haven't bred yet but constantly fanning so shouldn't be too long in the right conditions regretful sale. Asking $600 pm if interested cheers
  6. Uaru juveniles

    ''''''Weekend bump''''''' Have a few different sizes available 4cm $40 each 4.5cm - 5cm $45 each 5.5cm - 6cm $55 each The more you buy the cheaper they get located on the Gold Coast I can freight Aust wide airport to airport only, but if wanted locally must arrange pickup I do not use couriers sorry Any questions or orders please send me a message Cheers Craig
  7. Next lot of juvies ready for new homes 3.5cm - 4cm $85 each or $75 each for 5 or more or $65 each for 10 or more located on the Gold Coast can freight Aust wide airport to airport only, but if wanted locally must arrange pickup I do not use couriers sorry I'm using the same pictures of juveniles and parents from my original ad simply because they were good pictures of the 1st batch and these little guys are identical Any questions or orders please send me a pm. Cheers Craig
  8. Uaru juveniles

    Yeah still some available send me a pm pickup Gold Coast
  9. Next lot of juvies ready for new homes Size 4cm+ $40each or $35each for 5 or more
  10. Hi Lazybonezz,


    i saw on a post that you have some Urau for sale.

    what size are these and how much thanks.


  11. Red Severum < Gold Severum

    Yeah there's great coloured yellows and I guess there's shit coloured reds out there too. I like to think my reds do justice to the colour red considering they have never been fed colour enhancing foods. If you can see pics of the parents you will have a good idea of what the fry will end up like and you can't really go wrong. But then again mine might just be extremely red looking yellows I guess it depends on who's looking at them. Lol
  12. Flow accelerator

    Guppy 's at Burleigh have accelerators not sure about twins but I know they have the normal ones
  13. last nights Auction

    How can a monocirrhus polyacanthus show up at and auction like that just baffles me, been looking for so long for these guys just never see them come up. maybe I'll just have start looking at going to these guppy , bristlenose, electric blue & yellow auctions in future. Gob smacked
  14. Diy 5000 L tank

    It's on gumtree for sale isn't it?
  15. Marine pure spheres or K1/micro K1

    K1 does work but you can't beat or compare with marine pure, 2L worth will fill 1 compartment with some spare to put in another compartment or another filter