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  1. Black background

    this, go to one of those cheap variety stores craft section. you can get 500ml tubs for like $4
  2. i don't know much about heximita but i feel like fish are more susceptible to illness when they're stressed. ive bought fish home from heavily stocked tanks and they get stressed out a fair bit just because there's no other fish around like they're used too. if it is heximita then i wouldnt risk it with anything other than the cheapest natives or guppies gumtree has to offer. then of course you risk getting further infection from unquarenteened fish, so its sort of a catch 22.
  3. what other fish have you got with him?
  4. 4 glass pipes $20 the lot 1 hydor inline heater, 200W 12mm, 6 months use $50 piccys https://imgur.com/a/nfeWzMa pickup only holland park
  5. 4 glass pipes $20 the lot 1 hydor inline heater, 200W 12mm, 6 months use $50 1 good size clump of christmas moss, does have some minor dead patches $20 1 fancy peice of driftwood, mounted at water level for half emersed growth, a native moss from a riverbank, and has a small amount of Hemianthus glomeratus growing emersed on it amount the moss. $20 heaps and heaps of riccia, $5 for a generous portion piccys https://imgur.com/a/nfeWzMa pickup only holland park
  6. did you try live blackworms? mossie larva? live shrimp? get some cheap natives as dithers, maybe hes just stressed from being moved from a fry tank with 50 other fish to a lightly stocked tank. blue eyes can usually be found on gum tree around the 1-2$ mark
  7. fs. apistogrammas

    dropped prices
  8. Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.

    probably popular as feeders or something
  9. Apistos with geos

    yeah, my case the geos were adult size and didn't grow up with smaller fish around, im trying to remember what species apisto it was but just cant remember... (it was def one of the smaller ones) what species apisto are you thinking harris?
  10. Apistos with geos

    ha, i tried it once and shortly after there was a geo getting round with a tail sticking out of its mouth
  11. going on an extended holiday soon, my fishies will need new homes panduro juvies 2-4cm- $5 trifasciata juvies 2-3cm - $5 Panduro female - really good breeder, great mum but lost the dad. would like to trade her for another panduro female if possible. or sell to someone who has a boy for her pickup holland park
  12. hydor 200W inline heater 12mm

    ha... sorry $50
  13. hydor 200W inline heater 12mm seen about 6 months use
  14. Terracotta pots?

    bunnings rarely stock anything less than 10cm, better off looking at local nurseries