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  1. Geophagus Altifrons,

    Reckon it’s safe to say they’re goneskis?
  2. Take a really close look at them, if they appear to have small dots all over their body, resembling tiny air bubbles, they might have white Spot which you will have to act fast to cure. Fish typically behave this way when they’re uncomfortable, either from parasitic infection or even just change in water parameters. Also worth checking ammonia ph nitrates and nitrates as well
  3. Where can I get cheap glass

    i find the cheapest source of glass for aquarium repair is damaged aquariums on gumtree
  4. its absolutey possible. the only reasons you wouldn't do it is -because the processing power is overkill for the task at hand -and it would be just as much work in terms of programming as using a rasberry pi. -the easiest way to relay between sensors/outputs and your PC would be through a microcontroller so by the time you'd got your microcontroler you might as well just hook up a monitor and keyboard to that and start coding thats not to say you shouldnt do it though, go for gold! thats just why it probably(?) isnt a common practice. public aquariums probably use microcontrollers at each system that feed info into the local network and the information and outputs can be controlled from a PC
  5. Black background

    this, go to one of those cheap variety stores craft section. you can get 500ml tubs for like $4
  6. i don't know much about heximita but i feel like fish are more susceptible to illness when they're stressed. ive bought fish home from heavily stocked tanks and they get stressed out a fair bit just because there's no other fish around like they're used too. if it is heximita then i wouldnt risk it with anything other than the cheapest natives or guppies gumtree has to offer. then of course you risk getting further infection from unquarenteened fish, so its sort of a catch 22.
  7. what other fish have you got with him?
  8. did you try live blackworms? mossie larva? live shrimp? get some cheap natives as dithers, maybe hes just stressed from being moved from a fry tank with 50 other fish to a lightly stocked tank. blue eyes can usually be found on gum tree around the 1-2$ mark
  9. Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.

    probably popular as feeders or something
  10. Apistos with geos

    yeah, my case the geos were adult size and didn't grow up with smaller fish around, im trying to remember what species apisto it was but just cant remember... (it was def one of the smaller ones) what species apisto are you thinking harris?
  11. Apistos with geos

    ha, i tried it once and shortly after there was a geo getting round with a tail sticking out of its mouth
  12. Terracotta pots?

    bunnings rarely stock anything less than 10cm, better off looking at local nurseries
  13. new rack for apistos

    Thermostats that control your heater (and cooler if you wire that up too) they're absolutely unnecessary but provide a good fail-safe from heaters malfunctioning and cooking your fish. Added bonus of digital temperature readout. This project cost about 40-50 dollars (not including plywood and paint which I already had)
  14. new rack for apistos

    a bit of cable management still needed but very happy with the outcome
  15. new rack for apistos

    been busy today as these things arrived from china. wired them up using short piggyback extension leads from bunnings. the great thing about using a piggyback is that i can plug a filter into the same outlet powering the heater, and control both with a single switch which means ill never run these dry. with 12 outlets/switches in this rack it helps to reduce the chance of fuckups just need a bit of heatshrink and its ready for installation, pics to follow