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  1. FS Java Ferns and Java Moss

    edit, sorry changedd my mind
  2. new rack for apistos

    i've got some alanquer aggies and baenschi on the way now. i'd like yellow cacatoides if i can find some, and borellis gonna be keeping the more tried and true species for a bit i think. and trying to keep a mix where i can still tell the females apart
  3. new rack for apistos

    yeah i could have done it better. there's no air pumps here though, too loud for me quarantine tank is ready for some new arrivals. plenty of juggling space with two dividers i sort of changed my mind on how to plumb the water change hoses towards the end, so it looks a bit like a dog's breakfast, so this may be improved in the future, but i used it for the first time yesterday and it was pleasant. currently thinking about how to make a water level alarm with my arduino so i never overflow any tanks, i can be pretty absent minded sometimes so i think it will be a worthwhile thing to do with the turn of two valves i can fill the QT tank with water from the middle tank as soon as fish arrive, and just move some hoses for a cycled filter. pretty nifty
  4. New tank who dis

    welcome. planted tanks can be very tricky. my first few attempts were failures so i'd recommend doing a lot of research into it co2 isn't 100% necessary, but generally i've had best results with a good light, and good substrate. and then choosing low difficulty species of plants what species are the plants you have?
  5. $80 sump is 600x600 and 500 tall total volume 180 litres. trickle compartment is 250x600 and the larger compartment is 350x600 comes with Hopar 8000LPH pump, stepped outlet fitting fits any hose size 600x600 polystyrene foam underlay
  6. WTB: Glass Lids (Custom Made)

    i doubt there's anyone on here with the equipment to bevel/polish edges. i suggest calling round a few glass suppliers
  7. new rack for apistos

    new system up and running, and the fish have settled in. the transfer wasn't as smooth as i'd hoped and some of the fish suffered for it (sitting in tanks with no filters for too long) i generally leave fry with the parents until i absolutely have to separate. so due to the transfer 3 different spawns had to be put in this area for grow out. the middle tier is epic, there's about 50+ panduros and about 20-30 trifasciatus growing out in here. i also have two trif breeding pairs in here because there's nowhere else to put them until the extra dividers arrive in the mail. and filter city... i'm gonna build a cabinet door to enclose all the filtration/electrical stuff and look nice. why don't i use a sump? silence is golden. and this is in my living room the top tanks get 2 cans each and then 1 for the bottom tank. those eheim quick connect taps are so awesome for juggling filters
  8. Glass Cleaning

    https://www.bunnings.com.au/trojan-retractable-safety-scraper-with-blades_p5760089 i don't use anything else. i've snapped blades trying to remove hard water stain and even under that pressure it didn't scratch the glass. algae requires barely any pressure
  9. Tank dimensions - 70cm long x 38cm wide x 40cm tall tank is all 10mm glass, braceless. less than a year old. display quality. I built the cabinet myself, 90cm tall, pine, magnetic push latches, soft close concealed hinges. see photos below - the sale is for the tank and the cabinet only $200 pickup holland park
  10. new rack for apistos

    apistogrammas, at the moment i've only got panduros and trifasciatus but i'm looking into getting a few more species.
  11. New 180cm light

    Hi Scott, the light in the link is cheap but it will do the job. my only issue with it is based on my opinion of what looks good, and personal experience with planted tanks. which is that 10,000K is too white for my taste as i prefer a more natural looking yellowish light (although i think african cichlid keepers will tell you their fish look more impressive under 10000K lights), and the general consensus for planted tanks is that good lights for planted tanks will generally have a combo of LEDs ranging from 4500K-7500K. I never had success with planted tanks until i switched to a 6500K-7500K light. in the photo below, the top light is more similar to the one you've linked, and the one below is design for planted aquariums. https://makemyled.com seem to be pretty popular with the planted tank crowd, it will be more expensive than the light you've linked but from what i've heard it's a better price point than higher end LED systems and you have more choice in regards to colour temperature. but i'd recommend looking at a few reviews for them first.
  12. native blue eyes, about 20 of. $15 for the lot pickup holland park
  13. new rack for apistos

    today's progress, was gonna cap the holes but decided to plumb some lines with valves for quick water changes because i had most of the parts already. also found a pretty sweet way to mount my ecolamp kr90, not sure if its gonna cut the cake but it looks pretty neat and tidy fixed beneath the shelf tomorrow ill be moving it into the corner and adding the fishies