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  1. Hi guys, thanks Craig1967 for the heads up on jaycar, went there this morning, quick rewire on a new power pack and presto, let there be light. Thanks for the help. Cheers, Chubb.
  2. Sorry, to quick to post. The other one was bought in Feb 2014 so out of warranty. Cheers. Chubb
  3. Thanks for the advice guys, Is it possible/viable to get a new power pack, it seems highly likely that is the issue. The old one has this on its base: Aqua Zonic LED-AL196-120CM 34.56W. And how much would I be looking at? Cheers, Chubb
  4. Hi Guys, While doing a water change yesterday, I inadvertently unplugged my led lights from the power board while they were still turned on. After I realised what I'd done I plugged them back in, but now find that the light won't turn on. Have tried leaving the whole unit turned off for a period, unplugged for a period, changed outlets, there was no water spill involved so I'm not sure what I've done. Have I done something fatal to the led lights by unplugging them while turned on? Look forward to any advice on this one. Cheers, Chubb.
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  6. Thanks for the heads up Petfish. I picked them up as an idea from a US based forum. Are they not all that readily available here, or they just one that you need to be careful with as dodgey outlets will incorrectly identify? Thanks.
  7. Hi all, First of all hope I'm in the right place here, am more than happy to be shifted if the mods think it better suited in another thread. As the title suggests, I've been stalking various fish forums for sometime now. Have picked up a couple of goods buys through this one's trading section, and have done quite a deal of reading via this and others. I now have a 6x2x2 set up with an FX5 and a 300W jager heater. Its currently pumping away in the lounge, cycling with 4 comet goldfish hopefully 'filthing' up the system and developing the necessary bacteria for me. Been on the go with fish for about 2 weeks now. The filter came second hand, and was only off line for about 12 or so hours, so I'm hoping I've managed to keep some culture working there. I've found what I think is a nice piece of wood, cleaned it up and soaked it for 2 weeks, and its now in with some pool filter sand and river rocks. I'm hoping to set up a SA river system of sorts. Don't have any planting yet, as the stock list will probably dictate whether that will be a waste of time anyway. With that in mind, I've now come to stocking and that's my question here for now. I have an older tank (picked up from a relative years ago, about 3") and it currently has 3 x 'Orange heads' geos (the largest, male I think, about 3", others about 2", have seen two batches of eggs from a pair. gobbled up in time by tankmates), 2 x native rainbows (each about 3"), 2 x clown loaches (about the 3" mark) and 3 x black tetras. Pretty sure the loaches have dined on some cavier here! My intention is to take the Geos out and put them into the 6"er, along with some mates. My current thoughts are: 3 x Orange head Geos (existing) + another 3 Some Jurapari Geos 4 or so Severum Blue Acara Uaru some dithers (tetras?) How does this sound? Am I overstocking? Am I mixing species that won't stand each other (I understand that egg laying can provide a whole new set of issues here.)? Any suggestions/advice are/is welcome. Thanks for the read, Cheers, Geoff.
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