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  1. Im just setting up a new tank and i really like tahitian moon sand and wondering if it would be ok for peppermint bristlenose and maby some L397's. Oh and how do live plants go with it any feedback on this substrate would be great
  2. Both male haha they might have been displaying for the girls there were a batch of eggs a few days later Both
  3. Found some peppermint eggs that were kicked from the cave
  4. Hi can anyone help tell the sex of these L104 clown plecos there about 18-20 months old sorry for the bad pics there from about 6 months ago Pic. 1 Pic. 2 Pic. 3 Pic. 4
  5. Hi my names Jake I know you have put up eoi but I just want to know what price you'd be happy with. I have a female and up to a couple of days ago I had a male too but something happened to him and he past away. My daughter was very upset because they are her fish so I'm just wondering what kind if money would you be happy with? Thanks for your time. Jake

  6. Thanks for that mate I was a bit worried about applying the pp crystals directly the betadine gel sounds like a better option and safer the pp solution I put in the tank a couple of days ago seems to be healing his wound pretty good I will keep a close eye on him for a week or two to see if he gets any better before I attempt the direct application method Thanks for the offer mate ill see how he goes with the pp treatment for a bit thanks heaps tho, Would using metro in the water be better than direct application of pp, betadine gel? Thanks for the help guys
  7. Hey i've been treating my big 8 year old oscar for a few months now for HITH sores on the side of his head i have used Myxazin a couple of times it worked but it came back a few weeks later on the other side of his head i treated with Myxazin again this time it did not work effectively i am now using condy's crystals to try treat him i have mixed 4g of crystals with 2l of water and put about 520ml in his tank (4x2x2) with a home made trickle filter about 100l before i try put the crystals directley on the wound i know a few people on here have used condy's striaght on the wound some dilute to run threw the system.. any info on the topic would be a great help thanks!!
  8. Yea i hate them things i had to get 3 people to help confifm the reading lol
  9. I just put a 250ml pouch and airstone in my 4' sump for my peacock bass tank 8x80x2, nitrates are at 40ppm i will update in a week or two for ppm reading :-)
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