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  1. hey fish dude its a f1 orange head tapajos. really nice fish!

  2. Hi, just wondering what type of fish you have as your profile pic? It looks great.

  3. Also interested in refractometer if you have one available.

  4. Hi mate, just wondering if you have any smaller tanks that could be used for raising fry or hospital tank? If so could you let me know dimensions and price.

  5. Hi mate, I was wondering if your post in the OBPeacock thread (posted by Craigo) meant that you got the remainder of the colony? I am asking because we actually made a deal and I was supposed to pick them up today but he now won't contact me. Just need to know if I can still keep my hopes up or if I should be shattered.

    Thanks, Rob.

  6. Hi Mate, was just wondering if I can still pick up the peacock colony tonight? I posted you a pm as I don't have your number but you may not have seen it. Could you pm me or sms me on 0407666030. Or can arrange a better time to suit you.

    Thanks mate, Rob