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  1. Hey mate hope ur both going well in ur new house , my mate owes me a cple favours and has a near new chiller if ur interested , it's a unistar. Uni 650, he recons he paid approx $750 for it used it for around 5 months when He was in a hot unit in Brissy , and been boxed ever since ,

    If ur Interested let me know , see if we can do a deal towards some of the discus u have left , u still have ur 2 pairs ?


  2. No worries all the best also add a bit of rock salt once every few weeks when doing a water change , they can handle up to one teaspoon per ten litres , this will help with any bacteria
  3. Hey there , rod is right throw away the ph down , the most important rule with discus an ph levels is to keep them stable . If you keep adjusting the ph level it will shock them and they will die . As for what's happening with your discus it does sound like the dreaded discus plague I've encountered it before and it is beatable but takes alot of work , since you have started antibiotics I suggest you see it through the course recommended , you will need to wipe the tank out daily and change their water atleast 75 percent per day or 50 percent morning and night , as it is really an external fungul infection you are fighting ,, does your water smell bad ??
  4. I've found they are best in groups of atleast 5-6 , the tetras will probably just pick the slime coat off her the little buggers
  5. looks like a female ,discus are a schooling fish much happier in groups so get her some friends
  6. There is no answer to this question , it should be about passion not $$$$$$$ but also years of experience and little tricks and efficient setups especially are key to profits , but with most things there's not a great deal of money to be made with rising costs of everything associated with the hobby ,, sometimes I lose money on fish but I enjoy it
  7. I do it the same way , they actually love it they play in the water like kids at wet n wild
  8. hey dire always glad to see a new discus enthusiast a few beginners tips ,discus are happier in schools so try get atleast 5-6 roughly the same size depending on how big your tank is . substrate i run bare bottoms in my display tanks as discus are a tough fish to keep clean and healthy, but also because they look alot nicer. if you go a dark substrate the fish will go a darker colour and look less appealing. for instance to still keep my displays nice i have driftwood and a few plants in pots or try use a light coloured substrate.
  9. Yep mate I was told the same thing when I started and it did more harm then good ,IMO if it's not sick don't treat it . If I ever have a problem, like I said just treat only the infected fish and try treat only for what it has , i usually just add a bit of rock salt one teaspoon per ten litres once a week with a big water change just to kill any little nasties in the tanks and I've had no problems for a while now
  10. Hey Steve I'd strongly recommend you only treat the fish that are infected in a separate bare bottom tank , also try fin out what type of worms they have before choosing medication but metrodaizonol is a good allrounder and being so expensive treating your entire display tank will cost you a fortune , if you don't have a small tank to treat with I'll gadly loan you one or I'm sure someone else closer would be happy to do the same , hope this helps
  11. That's cool ,if ya ever heading down the coast shoot me a pm offers still stands I always keep atleast 8 to a tank keeps em happy till they start breeding Ofcourse
  12. Yeah they might be a bit small ATM it actually sounds like they have paired up have you seen them pecking and cleaning a spot in the tank ?
  13. What size are the ones you have mate?? I'll swing you a few juvies for free being a fellow discus enthusiast )
  14. Hey mate its normal behavior , getting a few more in the tank will help , but there will always be a pecking order
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