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  1. I've recently started keeping cherry shrimp, and have read a lot about putting different types of leaves in the tank for them. It seems mulberry, almond and peach leaves are good choices. Are there any others? Also wondering if I can use them green, or if they have to be brown? Is there anywhere you can buy these? Any advice greatly appreciated!
  2. I know this thread is a few weeks old now but it's worth chiming in that if you have young discus then I would still recommend at least once to twice a week water changes to keep them growing out well. Only changing the water every two weeks could still stunt their growth and stop them from growing out into a nice shape IMO. When we were breeding discus we changed water twice a week even when they were roughly half grown to keep them growing well in our community tanks.
  3. Thanks bluebelle, I'm also wondering what plants can be attached to driftwood? I saw an amazing photo on here from a few months back with various plants all over the driftwood and it looked awesome!
  4. Thanks heaps for the advice. I have a three foot tank which is 2 foot tall. I actually pulled I em of my bulbs out as it was too bright and was making too much algae grow, so hopefully that means my lighting is ok. I'm at a total loss with the Co2, so I will have to do some more research there! Where can I buy the Eco complete? And what sort of substrate is it eg. Grave, sand etc?
  5. I'm looking at setting up a tank for some nice veil tailed angelfish, and would love to know what plants are recommended, and what substrate I should use for them? i don't want to go overboard with the number of plants, but would just like a nice looking display tank with plants, rocks and some driftwood. thanks so much in advance!
  6. Hi all, I've been out of fish keeping for a while aside from a couple of goldfish. I'm thinking of setting up a lightly planted tank with angelfish. I would love some recommendations of substrate to use. I love the look of sand, but I know it can damage filters. I have recently seen some gravel at City farmers that is teeny tiny and almost looks like sand. I love the look of black too, but I have dark bluefish coloured rocks to use in the tanks so I don't want the whole tank to look too dark. The tank is in a main part of the house so I want it to look really nice! Thanks in advance!
  7. We're sure hoping so! We'll just give them some time and see what happens.
  8. Yes very sure, the main pair I'm referring to are blue diamonds who had both paired up with checkerboard and had fertilized eggs which ended up eaten, so we swapped them over to put the blues together and the male seems kinda keen (typical lol) but the female hangs at the back and sulks. We also have a couple of other pairs who have spawned once but then not again, which is a little frustrating. Morgs I think we actually ended up with a pair of your checkerboards! Very beautiful fish and we love em wether they breed or not, but they dont seem keen either. Water quality is always good in our breeding tanks, feeding a varied diet etc. what temp would you keep your breeders at?
  9. Would also really love to know which strains/colours can be bread together and still produce nice fry? I know some of them will just give you really peppered fry so we want to avoid that. Thanks heaps
  10. Hi morgs, thanks for the great info so far. We've got a few Discus in our display tanks who have paired up with mates of the wrong colour/strain. We've moved them into breeding tanks with matching mates but they're not at all keen on that idea (I feel sorry for them, but don't want to raise low quality fish). Is there any ways of helping them to accept and spawn with new mates, or is it really just a matter of time to see how they go?
  11. Ok thank you, which treatment would you suggest for flukes and what dosage is standard? They don't seem to have any worms, it just looks like flukes could be affecting them at the moment.
  12. Hi Les, do you normally treat with PP or something else? If you use something else I'd love to know your dosage rates etc, just want to know all of my options before I decide what to do with them. I'm going to wait until the weekend to treat them so I'll be home to keep an eye on them in case they have any bad reactions. Thanks for everyone's advice
  13. I suppose our main reason for getting an RO system is that we've met quite a few breeders using them now who seem to be having a lot of luck. We have a few nice pairs now, but they really aren't doing much at all. They've all spawned once not long after getting them and then that's it, they've given up! Maybe we're just being impatient, but I'm also worried that maybe its something to do wih out water. Our PH is around 7.6 (a bit different in some of our tanks but that's average). Do you think lowering the PH could be the only thing we need to do? Aside from an RO, what are the best ways to lower PH? I know you mentioned hydrochloric acid Brock, is the ph likely to bounce back up though? To make sure we use the right dosage would we need to set up an empty tank and get the ph right using the acid, before adding it to our breeding tanks? Also another question, does anyone think it makes a big difference to have the sides and back of tanks painted or blocked out so the pair feel more secure?
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