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  1. Albino longfin pairs f/s

    $100 for pairs that have fry still in tanks. And only small marbles thanks
  2. Not good ones. I have been trying
  3. Have some peppermints for sale. Looking to swap or trade for l's or l144 sub adults/ adults. Cash adjustment on my behalf. Pm me if interested. thanks
  4. I have some excess pairs of longfins for sale. Willing to swap or trade for l's. Willing to make cash adjustment on my part. If interested send me a pm. thanks
  5. Orange spot breeding pair for sale 11cm at least $100, send a pm if interested willing to swap/ trade for l's. I'm willling to add a cash adjustment Thanks
  6. Looking to buy l numbers. Just strays or any oddball or surplus that you may want to get rid of. Will pay cash. Swap for longfin albino's trade for aquarium equipment, which I have a large surplus of. I'm setting up a display tank . Send me a pm or text Thanks 0417880868
  7. Have a heap of 3cm - 7cm juveniles of both. Some commons also. Some spare adults and a couple of excess pairs. Will swap/trade for other bristlenose.(marbles etc) Juveniles start at 5 for $40. If interested send a pm. thanks
  8. Hi does anyone know where to get repashy on the goldcoast? Thanks hawkman
  9. Looking for a tank builder,to build some custom size tanks. 60 in total. Biggest being 700mm long please message me thanks
  10. Hi mate 


    I have 5 Left L/F marbles if you want $100 the 5 

    TXT me if interested 




  11. Plenty here Scott, if you ever head up this way

  12. Hey  mate I'm back at home again for a week. Do u still have any b/nose available?

    thanks Scott

    1. mrzeby


      Hi Scott 

      Sorry what were you after 







  13. Do u still have them?