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  1. 2 sumps both cracked, both have bulkheads and bioballs/cubes. Large amount of pressure pipe surplus 50mm and 20mm with assorted fittings. Also poly pipe with taps etc. all fittings are only siliconed. ( over 50 fittings) 40 plus box filters. Some sponge filters still in packets. Plus over 300 unused assorted aquarium bulbs. Over a 100 aquarium lids as well. You must take the lot. a carton of great northern will seal the deal.
  2. Im moving house. So im getting rid of my fish. I have the following left for sale. 2 colonies of peppermints about 7 in each. They are all large and breed frequently. 50 or so fry up to 6-7cm. Plenty albino l/fs, s/fs 7x orange spots, which i was growing to breed. A few marbles. Anubias on wood x 8. 8x l202 5 or 6 l397 4x l333 wanting to sell in numbers. Not interested in selling ones or twos. If anyone is interested in purchasing a quantity, send a message and we can work something out.
  3. big healthy pair hoplos. Laid several times. $150
  4. Hi does anyone know where to get repashy on the goldcoast? Thanks hawkman
  5. Looking for a tank builder,to build some custom size tanks. 60 in total. Biggest being 700mm long please message me thanks
  6. Hi mate 


    I have 5 Left L/F marbles if you want $100 the 5 

    TXT me if interested 




  7. Plenty here Scott, if you ever head up this way

  8. Hey  mate I'm back at home again for a week. Do u still have any b/nose available?

    thanks Scott

    1. mrzeby


      Hi Scott 

      Sorry what were you after 







  9. Do u still have them?


  10. hawkman


    - So I remember for future reference. :)

  11. Also interested in refractometer if you have one available.

  12. Hi mate, just wondering if you have any smaller tanks that could be used for raising fry or hospital tank? If so could you let me know dimensions and price.

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