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  1. Thanks for that! Decided to add some gravel to the planting area and bury some plant tabs. Bought a variety of plants to trial how they go.
  2. Hey everyone, Had this tank running for years, stripped it down a couple of weeks ago and washed the sand (pretty sure it had old tank syndrome). Anyway, would love to add some plants, nothing fancy, no CO2. What should I add to the sand to make it more welcoming for rooting plants? I’ve got some Bacopa floating at the moment but would love to plant it and some Val.
  3. Bugger, sorry, too late. I nuked the tank straight after I pulled everything. If I find any live ones in the plants I’ll let you know. Thanks Steve! I’ll try that. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had a tub of plants sitting in the bathtub for weeks.
  4. Hi All Just broke down a 2ft 75ltr tank because it is chock full of MTS. Very carefully moved the fish & RCS into another snail free tank (fingers crossed). Anyway, have quite a bit of extremely healthy Anubias in the snail tank and am wondering if it’s worth trying to de-snail it or will the little buggers be hiding in there no matter what? Any way to de-snail it without killing it? Thanks
  5. Thanks! I thought maybe it was doing so well due to the slow current. Unfortunately I don't want to increase it as I don't think my Betta will like it. He steers clear of the filter as it is (Fluval U2). Looks like ill I'll be removing it often. Ah well, the joys of fishkeeping!
  6. Good Morning! (I think...) Can anyone tell me the Pros & Cons of Duck Weed in a fish tank? My 2 foot Betta tank has been overrun by duckweed. To the point that I was having to make a hole to feed my Betta and his tank mates. This was a clean tank, everything new and the plants came from a long established tank that's never had duckweed. I have no idea where it's come from! Being surface breathers is there a problem having duckweed in a Betta tank? What's the best way to get rid of it if it's a problem? Just spent 10 minutes chasing it around the tank and maybe managed to remove 80% of it. I noticed a lot of whispy hair like roots(?) floating through the tank after I scooped all that out. Can it regrow from them? Thoughts, suggestions? Thank you!
  7. I personally hate snails in my tanks and will squash them as soon as I see them. The main con is that any excess food and you'll have a snail explosion and they're annoyingly difficult to get rid of. I've been told if you reduce the food and squash them as you see them, they'll eventually go away. Unfortunately any tank I've had snails in has exploded with snails and I've had to dismantle and dose with something to kill everything before reusing.
  8. Called into AoA yesterday and on their suggestion moved her into a quarantine tank and dosed her with medication. Unfortunately not long after she passed away. All other fish appear fine. Will keep an eye on the water parameters and fish to be safe.
  9. I'm starting to think bacterial infection. Possibly starting off with an injury? I moved her this morning into a fry cage because the other juvenile pleco (which miraculously seem fine this morning) were nibbling on her. I've done all I can for now without a trip to the LFS, but I think I'm going to lose her.
  10. Thanks! Do you guys do water testing? I can bring some water in tomorrow to check the KH and that my kits aren't stuffed. What do you suggest for pleco food? I do give them zucchini at times, depends what they're like at the local shop. I was always under the impression that hikari wafers were good...*sigh*...you learn a new thing everyday... Not sure about the PH. The PH is the same in all the tanks, including the tank these came from, that they bred in. That's why I was focusing on the nitrAtes I guess. It's the only difference in water parameters to the other tanks. The redness has spread. It now has some red spots coming out on its sides. If I didn't know better I would think ammonia, but two different kits say 0. Not to mention all other breeds in the tank appear fine (except for a territorial disput between the angels), no gasping, no redness... I've just dosed the tank again with Melafix.
  11. Problem:- Albino bristlenose plecos sluggish, red tinged fins, two juveniles dead, adult looks close. All other fish are swimming around & eating. BACKGROUND - up until two weeks ago, tank was an axolotl tank. Axolotl died over Christmas (too hot), we'd been away a week when we found him. Removed him from tank, left it running as there was still a Cory living in there (they've been together 7 years). When we returned from holidays two weeks later, lots of algae, I removed everything, rinsed it in rainwater, cleaned the sand base (basic clean, not overly thorough), replaced everything, did a 50% water change and removed 3/4 of the amazon sword. Filter was also given a standard clean in TANK water. Two days later I added the plecos and rasboras. Two days after that I added the Angels. Tank has been running stocked for one week. Water is treated with Fraction & Kasuri Klay (diluted in water). We are on RAIN water here. QUESTION - could removing all the algae and 3/4 of the sword caused the spike in nitrAtes? Or could it be something else causing the plecos illness? Ph:- 6.0 (PH is always this and the plecos have been happy and breeding like flies, tap water is also 6) Ammonia:- 0 (tap water 0) Nitrate:- 30ppm at 5 mins, 40ppm at 10 mins (tap (rain) water is 5ppm) Nitrite:- 0 (tap 0) Gh:- ?? Kh:- ?? Size of tank:- 3 foot - 125ltr Temperature °C:- 28deg cel Been running for:- Tank has been running 7+ years Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- Eheim 2270 canister, spray bar , two air stones Fish in tank:- 3 angels, 5 Lampchop Rasbora, 5 albino pleco (4 are juvenile), 1 albino Cory (survivor from another tank, will be buying buddies) Plants in Tank:- Amazon Sword & Anubias Feeding:- mix of tetra min & ocean nutrition flakes. Hikari algae wafers & new era catfish pellets. Fed once a day. Recent Medication Treatments:- salt & melafix Last water change:- last week 50% & today 30% (haven't added any medication today) Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly - currently weekly
  12. Photo doesn't show the blue, but it was a true royal blue.
  13. He passed away while I was at work. Closer inspection showed his normally all white head is/was now full of blood. I'm taking a guess that he hit the glass so hard he caused an internal bleed in his head. He wasn't stuck when I went to bed (the tank sits on my bedside table), but he was stuck this morning. No telling how long he was stuck or how stressed he was, but going by his rapid take off when I got him free, I would say very stressed. He was a stunning fella, all white with vibrant blue fins. Have had him for quite some time. Very sad that he's gone. Kicking myself for putting off culling the moss, I planned on doing it this weekend.
  14. Hi all, I just noticed my Crowntail tangled in a bit of moss. I gently pulled the moss out of the way (not too close to the Betta), and once he was free he took off like a rocket across the tank and slammed into the glass. It was HARD, made a lot of noise! He then sank to the bottom and started swimming around in tight circles upside down on the bottom. He looks fine otherwise (no obvious signs of sickness or injury). Once he stopped I lifted him up towards the surface and sat him on a plant where he's laying on his side. Could he have stunned himself when he hit the glass (or brain damage)? Or does it sound like he may have been sick already? Any tips or suggestions? Tank is 20ltr heated & filtered. Tank mates are RCS. Thanks!
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