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  1. And the penalty rates! Lol I've seen stellar for what I'm happy to pay so lll grab one on weekend
  2. This caught my eye, then I tried reading the product info, and my brain EIKO Super Mute Oxygen Rich Octopus Type Air Pump Water Treatment , Australia - DinoDirect.com
  3. For a 25lt tank. As close to silence as possible would be welcome. What do people recommend?
  4. What other varieties Keegan?
  5. I just started with cherry, just got a 25lt tank a day they're happy as shrimp in... Well I dunno lol
  6. Oh there's no group. It's just me lol There's no way that a page on Google+ could compete with what is here, but I thought if ppl were on there anyway - as I said, no competition
  7. I'm fairly certain there will be very limited people of an already niche group who do, but I just made a Queensland Shrimp page if anyone is on there regularly. Of course in no way am I putting it forward as an alternative to this, just if anyone is using Google+ is all. https://plus.google.com/100356008696957235300/posts That's the link anyways <:3)~
  8. Holy Crow that's a cool setup, love his blue bolts too! Can't even imagine keeping shrimp like that yet! Wonder where he's based?
  9. woohoo! I did see a moulted shell the other day, at first glance I was scared I had a casualty - a little reading later and realised this is probably her doing cool!
  10. Thx Seph, she's boss of the tank too, that's a bit of a give away too ;-)
  11. I kinda figure this is probably a girl. Definitely deeper colour than tankmates, can anyone make an in formed call? Sorry for blur. <:3)~
  12. oh wow! awesome! I'll be in touch in the next week, got my Fluval Chi from you as well, happy to be a return customer
  13. can't wait till blues come here, some of the rilis look amazing!
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