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  1. Thanks Les, Highly reccomended purchaser, good contact, prompt. easy and friendly transaction.

  2. Thanx for starting this great thread, I too am looking to put together a first up planted tank and similar to Kasman. Great info here to get started. I am thinking about a pathway to give feeling of depth and possibly some kind of overhang similar to others i have seen but less is more will be the motto for this. so will keep plant types to maybe 4 types only. Carpeting at front and getting taler to the back corners. Need to find a tank first thinking of a 3 x 18 x 15? What about filtration would a aquaclear HOB be a good choice? Not sure what to do on lighting yet.
  3. Thanks "dogspooperscooper" Makes you wonder who is charge when we have to run around dictated by the pets.
  4. Can some one assist is this this male or female:confused:
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  7. Hi All, Just back to the hobby after 7 years out. display tank now set up and Looking for a colony of Peacocks, who has what varieties are out there, looking for something very special and ideally not that common. had Ngara flametails before and loved them. the Dragon Bloods look good.
  8. Update for those that are not sure about moving one of these. stripped tank of inhabitants gravel ornaments and water. 2 men (and i aint that big) lifted no problem. 2 of us lifted one end and placed boards under then did the same at other end so we could get our hands under it easier. carried it about 50m through doorways and onto trailer (carpet and styrofoam undr and around) Loaded trailer with stand hood and about half the original water in buckets. and no problem. used opportunity for new fom and ply base (didnt have the ply when we bought it) set up and running in a 4 hours from start to finish including 40 mins transport. Now need some more fish
  9. heading to the coast Sat / Sun and looking to check out fish shops while down there, any reccomendations
  10. Picking up a 6x2x2 on Monday. for those that have moved them before any tips to make the lifting and carrying easier
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