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  1. Had these ones for years. They're all we have left out 16.
  2. Something you hardly ever get to see. Came home yesterday to our bichir laying eggs if you look real close towards the end of the video you can see them being released. It is pretty amazing just a shame we got rid of all our breeding tanks. 20170416_193553.mp4
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Cute little buggers that they are. Bichir are still my fav. Yes make sure no no gaps.
  5. Restricted to tidal. Brissy River is tidal up to Colleges Crossing. Theres a tribe of people raping the place every time we go out there.
  6. oh i cant access that part of the forum for some reason
  7. Pretty sure this is a qldaf member i sold festae to so sad link is to qt news article Lawrence
  8. I got a black 100l rainwater tank from Bunnings and turned it into a canister filteit atable. 10000l sump pump from the pond , then gravity fed out the bottom. The tank sits in the sun so as long as the pond gets covered a few hours before dark the heat stays in. Im running heaters at the moment to keep it stable during the sub zero mornings aswell.
  9. Lei toga, gg, bass, ater cat in a pond at rosewood. Insulated and heated though.
  10. Hahahaha. Welcome to the world of non retail fish. I'm sure most would agree that you did well to sell them at the price you got going by all the auctions I've been to.
  11. Especially when people act like it's going to be a 12 day trip into the wilderness lol. SEQ isn't that big of a place really. Can and have traveled everywhere for fish just to have everything I've wanted.
  12. Are you referring to Protomelas sp. 'steveni taiwan' mat? These are the same thing as described by Ad himself. Chimoto Red and Chimoto Yellow depending on which area they come from.
  13. Hard to come by?, but no one wants to buy them lol. At least the predators enjoy them
  14. I'm thinking GG wont have those nice long whiskers for long
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