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  1. Hi All, I've got an issue with my Aquazonic G2 Titan 600W. The heater is 2nd hand and was working fine for the previous owner. When I turn the heater on the temperature display flashes "HH" and the off light flashes. Pressing either of the buttons does nothing other than changing the pattern of flashing. Anyone familiar with this heater who has any ideas? Cheers, Schmitee
  2. pH for native rhads?

    Did you collect them yourself? If so, go back to where they came from and check the params of the water, find out what they naturally live in.
  3. Fish magazine

    I've never seen it in stores, I've just got an online subscription, which is pretty cheap. Alternatively, you can get it mailed out, but given it is an American production, its rather expensive.
  4. Fish magazine

    TFH (Tropical Fish Hobbyist) is a pretty good read
  5. Sooo excited for this section....

    Gotta love natives, currently setting mine back up after moving house, so fish are still in a container, but this is where I ended up tonight. Fish to go in will be crimson spotted, neon and goyder river rainbows, empire gudgeons, firetail gudgeons and couple of non-natives as well.
  6. Sounds like the quartz has provided the perfect breeding ground for the diatoms. The cycle's well under way! I'd say don't be tempted to add fish before the diatom bloom is over, obviously watch your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels too. Once ammonia and nitrite are 0 you're good to go. Schmitee
  7. Have the yellow patches formed since the rocks were placed in the tank, or were they there to begin with? I have seen before some minerals react with acid (in my case HCl) to form a yellow product. Not sure what the reaction actually was with though. If it wipes off with ease, its a good sign that it is just a diatom bloom. Given that you've used water from the pet shop (I'm guessing you've managed to get some dirty water if its expected to make the process faster?) then it would have diatoms and bacteria in it which would enable the bloom, depending on nutrients in the water. Quartz is actually silicon dioxide (aka silica). Given the diatoms exoskeleton is made up of silica, this would be the perfect site for the diatoms to grow. Schmitee
  8. The marine tank

    Nice tank, I love the variety of clowns in your tank. Do you notice any issues with aggression between all the clowns? Any chance of a pic of the sump? I'm planning to set up a 6ft soon and I'm after ideas
  9. How do you label your power plugs?

    using the clip from a bread bag?
  10. Is this sand safe for corydoras?

    Hey Groovychic17, I've got my corys in a tank with sand (can't recall if it is pool filter sand or river sand) that looks very similar to yours. The whole point is to get sand that does not have sharp edges. River sand is good for this as the sand grains get tumbled by the flow of the river and over time the edges get worn down. As for size, the corys won't be perturbed by the occasional large grain, I used to have corys with a mix of gravel and sand with no ill effects. Schmitee
  11. Tight schooling.

    I'm with JB on the hengeli rasboras. I've got a tank with hengeli raboras and ember tetras, the rasboras are definitely tighter schoolers
  12. Going salty - first marine

    Thanks mate, I was pretty cautious at first, but after a bit of research I've found that quite a few people do it that way. (should probably clarify, only after the detergent dispenser is cleaned thoroughly and using a rinse cycle). I've done it a few times now and haven't seen any adverse effects so far... Just couldn't seem to get it clean trying to clean it by hand. Schmitee
  13. Going salty - first marine

    They were my thoughts too, i checked the temp straight away and it was 25.3, did a water change on Saturday so that should be fine. The hammer could be sending out stingers, but I haven't seen any yet... and they've been fine so far My concern is that I've cleaned the filter sock in the washing machine so there could still be some detergent left...
  14. Going salty - first marine

    Thanks mate. Has anyone had experience with fungii corals? Mine is really confusing me at the moment. He's been sooking for the 2 weeks I've had him (somehow flipped upside down during acclimation and possibly got damaged), but I came home on Sunday to find it fully swollen and looking fantastic. Decided to feed it with some frozen food, which it passed along to its mouth and took down. Then I came home this afternoon expecting it to be fully out again, to find the flesh recessed again and skeleton visible. Seems my torch stayed closed up today as well... all the others seem happy Schmitee
  15. Going salty - first marine

    So much for me keeping track of my tank on here, 4 months of nothing when all sorts of things, good and bad, have happened. Over the Christmas new years break I went away for a week and came back to some less than desirable water conditions and the majority of my zoas gone or on their way out. In the end managed to save some but lost the majority. Also lost the clown goby a couple weeks later, poor thing was very picky with his food. I thought he was eating the frozen food, but he may have spat it back later without me noticing, ended up looking rather skinny when he died. So now the good news, i now have a hammer, torch, another colony of zoas and a fungia. So far they are mostly happy, other than the mushroom which i think got damaged during transport. I've also got myself a clownfish who is slowly starting to host with the hammer. Last addition, got myself an Ocean Free Nanoskim which fits perfectly in my diy filter so gotta be happy with that Enough talk, here's an fts