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  1. using the clip from a bread bag?
  2. Hey Groovychic17, I've got my corys in a tank with sand (can't recall if it is pool filter sand or river sand) that looks very similar to yours. The whole point is to get sand that does not have sharp edges. River sand is good for this as the sand grains get tumbled by the flow of the river and over time the edges get worn down. As for size, the corys won't be perturbed by the occasional large grain, I used to have corys with a mix of gravel and sand with no ill effects. Schmitee
  3. I'm with JB on the hengeli rasboras. I've got a tank with hengeli raboras and ember tetras, the rasboras are definitely tighter schoolers
  4. Thanks mate, I was pretty cautious at first, but after a bit of research I've found that quite a few people do it that way. (should probably clarify, only after the detergent dispenser is cleaned thoroughly and using a rinse cycle). I've done it a few times now and haven't seen any adverse effects so far... Just couldn't seem to get it clean trying to clean it by hand. Schmitee
  5. They were my thoughts too, i checked the temp straight away and it was 25.3, did a water change on Saturday so that should be fine. The hammer could be sending out stingers, but I haven't seen any yet... and they've been fine so far My concern is that I've cleaned the filter sock in the washing machine so there could still be some detergent left...
  6. Thanks mate. Has anyone had experience with fungii corals? Mine is really confusing me at the moment. He's been sooking for the 2 weeks I've had him (somehow flipped upside down during acclimation and possibly got damaged), but I came home on Sunday to find it fully swollen and looking fantastic. Decided to feed it with some frozen food, which it passed along to its mouth and took down. Then I came home this afternoon expecting it to be fully out again, to find the flesh recessed again and skeleton visible. Seems my torch stayed closed up today as well... all the others seem happy Schmitee
  7. So much for me keeping track of my tank on here, 4 months of nothing when all sorts of things, good and bad, have happened. Over the Christmas new years break I went away for a week and came back to some less than desirable water conditions and the majority of my zoas gone or on their way out. In the end managed to save some but lost the majority. Also lost the clown goby a couple weeks later, poor thing was very picky with his food. I thought he was eating the frozen food, but he may have spat it back later without me noticing, ended up looking rather skinny when he died. So now the good news, i now have a hammer, torch, another colony of zoas and a fungia. So far they are mostly happy, other than the mushroom which i think got damaged during transport. I've also got myself a clownfish who is slowly starting to host with the hammer. Last addition, got myself an Ocean Free Nanoskim which fits perfectly in my diy filter so gotta be happy with that Enough talk, here's an fts
  8. Painted sweetlip?? (Diagramma pictum labiosum)
  9. Latest additions! Went in search of my first tank inhabitants yesterday and picked up a cute little clown goby and a zoanthid colony. I was actually looking for a small colony which could expand over the coral branch at the front but ended up with a larger piece with two types of zoa The goby seems to enjoy sitting in one spot on the sand next to live rock but I turned the pump off to try feeding him and he was happy to explore the tank
  10. I've just got the API tests, but they're getting pretty old as well so figure that won't help. I know my LFS just uses API, but figure it can't hurt to have a second trial...
  11. Cheers Craig! love DIY About time for an update, though not much has changed other than a covering of diatoms and cycling. So, two weeks in, I've started testing every couple days... latest results are: Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - <5 Phosphate ~0.1 Salinity - 1.024 So, either the tank is already cycled... OR my test kits are getting old and dodgy... thinking I might double check at my LFS. I also collected some snails last Saturday and chucked them in... apart from a couple of attempts at carpet surfing they seem to be doing alright. SO keen to add livestock!!!! Cheers, Schmitee
  12. The weekend is coming which means its almost time to go shopping... The question is lighting. Can I keep the current 2x24w fluoro reflector on the tank with more appropriate lights (say, 1x hagen marine glo and 1x power glo)?????? OR... do I need a new light altogether? I'm planning on sticking with softies and/or LPS, so lighting requirements should be a bit lower. Schmitee
  13. Yep hoping to get a peppermint shrimp down the track, though I'll remove what I can myself to be sure. I could fit an external skimmer behind if I wanted, but the plan is running skimmer-less. Schmitee
  14. Not quite what I had in mind @Cam07... So far spotted the arms of two brittle stars, a tiny starfish, a few snails, 3 aiptasia (due for lethal injection tomorrow) 1 unknown polyp and a coral which I really doubt will last. Some day I'll learn the names of all these things...
  15. About time i actually added to the forum rather than just asking questions, so after being inspired by seeing @gingerbeer's new marine, here goes. Started setting up my first marine tank yesterday, using a slightly modified aquastart 320. I've sectioned of the back as an in tank sump with a media section and a section for the pump and heater so they are all hidden. For media I'm trialing pumice for extra bio and I'll be modifying a prefilter sock to fit my overflow. At the moment I'm running the light that was already on the tank so I'll be changing either the tubes or the whole fixture soon (not sure if 2x24w t5 lights will be enough, especially with the over hang). So after spending some coin, i chucked in my new goodies and started spying on any hitchhikers (secretly quite addictive). here's how it looks now. Schmitee