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  1. Sooo excited for this section....

    Gotta love natives, currently setting mine back up after moving house, so fish are still in a container, but this is where I ended up tonight. Fish to go in will be crimson spotted, neon and goyder river rainbows, empire gudgeons, firetail gudgeons and couple of non-natives as well.
  2. Yup, Thornlands in the Redlands, smack bang in the middle of Brisbane and GC
  3. bump, all these guys still to go
  4. Hey, I still have 3 up for grabs for $20. Live in Thornlands, but will be in Wooloowin on Sunday if that helps, let me know if you're interested and I'll contact you by phone with details. Schmitee
  5. Hi guys, also up for grabs are 3 clown loaches ~ 5cm $8 each, take all 3 for $20 Schmitee
  6. Hi guys, I have a few fish up for sale; ~15 cm Raphael catfish $50 pic on request 2 x ~ 8 cm bristlenose catfish $15 each pic on request 21cm common pleco $60
  7. Hi all, after picking up a new tank, I've got some things to pass on. 2 x Aqua One 4ft twin T8 light fixtures. $50 each or $80 for both 1800LPH Biopro canister filter, with media, shut down last week with no issues, could do with a new UV light. $50 800LPH Hopar (Biopro) canister filter, unused for a few years, probably needs new gaskets. $20 ~50L aquarium gravel (enough to cover a 7x2 tank). unwashed. $80 or make an offer for a smaller amount. Large ship / log ornaments $10 each Castle ornament $5 Fluval 32 inch air stone $5 Schmitee
  8. Sounds like the quartz has provided the perfect breeding ground for the diatoms. The cycle's well under way! I'd say don't be tempted to add fish before the diatom bloom is over, obviously watch your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels too. Once ammonia and nitrite are 0 you're good to go. Schmitee
  9. Have the yellow patches formed since the rocks were placed in the tank, or were they there to begin with? I have seen before some minerals react with acid (in my case HCl) to form a yellow product. Not sure what the reaction actually was with though. If it wipes off with ease, its a good sign that it is just a diatom bloom. Given that you've used water from the pet shop (I'm guessing you've managed to get some dirty water if its expected to make the process faster?) then it would have diatoms and bacteria in it which would enable the bloom, depending on nutrients in the water. Quartz is actually silicon dioxide (aka silica). Given the diatoms exoskeleton is made up of silica, this would be the perfect site for the diatoms to grow. Schmitee
  10. The marine tank

    Nice tank, I love the variety of clowns in your tank. Do you notice any issues with aggression between all the clowns? Any chance of a pic of the sump? I'm planning to set up a 6ft soon and I'm after ideas
  11. How do you label your power plugs?

    using the clip from a bread bag?