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  2. Um am wondering where I got my name from... ah yep my parents.. got it now -- its to remind me of who I am.. one of the not so fun things about getting old lol... btw my friends call me ren
  3. No need, just give your hose a hose lol... Whilst I am in no way an advert for these things...the residue doesn't last and you will see dead spots in your lawn etc in a few days if it was there... Once these things were a lot stronger, whilst I would love the world to be full of beneficial plants bugs etc, sadly its not the case but at least the glyphosate content is way down these days for home people... : )
  4. Hey mate, whilst I am classified as a plant expert, I am not classified as a plant care expert - So my advice thoughts probably mean no more then anyones. but hopefully this will put your mind at rest a little.... herbicides. pesticides etc always concern me sprayed around fish etc without covering the tanks... But whilst we worry and can smell it realistically your neighbour was hopefully responsible and sprayed when there was no wind and spraying low growing weeds etc . .. Whilst its unsettling and there is a smell am thinking that you should be all good if you have a responsible neighbour. In saying that I would have a chat to him so if anything similar was going to happen in the future he would discus it with you. Becareful with water changes if using hoses that could be close to fence lines and contaminated etc...
  5. Yep Dave, Sail fin mollies, swords etc are a great example, green growth infosoria etc...and the circle of life begins
  6. Not meaning to be rude... but sounds like you were just lucky anything survived
  7. I would have gone with the put a tap in, however as you have that sorted, this my sound lame but worth an ask, is the sump much lower then the outlet ?
  8. I got lazy and didn't read through all the posts lol however I use the Tech Den (once again to tired to walk outside and check the name) Super Chlor I think? However that's just another reason why having a water reservoir is so handy (the water is good to go when you put it in the tank so using less)... In saying that you have lotsa big tanks for big americans sooo it may not be an option. I remember years ago I used a powder from the meat works in Rocky, Cost nothing. Dave maybe check out the supa chlor product (not that you were asking about price but its worth mentioning)
  9. Hey there, Basil probably isn't the best choice, firstly its an annual secondly it will rot in the water and you will most likely end up with a slimy mess. As above, mints work and watercress is good.
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  11. Disregard my last message as whilst if they got one for xmas apparently their xbox games are not compatible, thanks anyway guys
  12. haha I would look at one but you guys have got me really interested in this xbox1,(I still have a Wii that never gets used lol) but am I still able to pick up one for a xmas present for my wonderful nephews or are the orders far ahead ?
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  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Thanks Donny, my visits to Browns were always on your days off, ( a work thing Mondays) had a chat with the guys as was interested on how the new features would hook up, all good guess there are better products on the market with consumer & supplier updates available, will check out your suggestion . Thanks again
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