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  1. anubias are low light plants, full sun might melt it...
  2. We are doing a pretty decent job of that are we not?
  3. I'd be hiding too! The "must-have-mum's" are coming....
  4. That's an awful lot of mealworms before it pays for itself...
  5. hehe, back to topic... at $600 (or there abouts), that mealworm farm would wanna be pretty damn productive
  6. honey and ginger mealworms?
  7. Sounds doable! Wonder if teriyaki worms tastes good?
  8. Mmmmm chilli mealworms
  9. Ahh... I see i missed a thread... Or 20000... lol Best of luck to the new owners! I will be sure to drop in at some point (If not when everyone else does) Did someone say hotdogs??
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Interesting, I didn't realize there was a bag limit on them. M. rosenbergii are pretty hard to aquaculture due to cannibalism and also needing salt/brackish to reproduce. They are pretty popular in SE Asia but from what I've read they have very mixed results. M. australiense are probably alot easier (and more readily available....) just lacking that "single prawn to a dinner plate" factor, which was the attraction to rosenbergii
  12. What shrimp are you keeping? I'd considered M. rosenbergii for something similar but apparently they are highly cannibalistic. But damn it would be nice to have some giant prawns on hand
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