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  1. Hey mate interested in your pbass trio were r they located

  2. thanks heaps for that dude!
  3. Here are my bass. not sure on the sex as yet. they are roughly 19cm, 24cm and 26cm. If anyone could help me with what sex they are that would be awesome!! Peacock Bass - YouTube cheers
  4. Here are more pics from tonight Thanks
  5. Hi, I have 3 Peacock bass and the sizes are roughly 23-25cm, 19-21cm and 13-15cm picked up this Sunday. i know these fish are quite small but would anyone be able to tell me the sex of them? the 2 smaller fish i have noticed has grown small hump on their head in a matter of days. Where the largest one still looks the same. Thanks for your help These Pics were taken on the 10th These pics were taken tonight
  6. Thanks mate. Yeah Ionly have one fx5 to be rrunning g in my 4x2x2. Mechanical sponge as in the sponge that is fitted on the outside of the trays?
  7. Hi all! I just got my hands on a 2nd hand fluval fx5. Going to be setting up for peacock bass in my 4x2x2. Just wanted to get some ideas on how I should stack the trays. Tank set up is in our living room and the media I will be using is Mr Aqua Biological filter media. All tips would be greatly appreciated. Will I need to run polishing pads fx5 round blue sponge? Will I need to run any other stuff like bio balls, carbon? Thanks Smokin
  8. thanks heaps guys, i had just feed fish so it had a gob full of food! lol
  9. Hi, is this a juvenile crimson tide? thanks in advance
  10. Cool mate, ill have a look at them.
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