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  1. Lol. That maybe, but they have now travelled full circle.... like heirlooms.
  2. Tangs rule. Always will. Love those rocks too
  3. Sorry mate, cory's on hold pending pick up.


  4. Hi kaizen.

    I noticed in a thread you had 6 corydoras habrosus you were offering. I was wondering if you still had them and how much?

  5. Oh, you have quite a few there. How much would the following be; Need for speed underground, project gotham racing, crimson skies, nija gaiden, outrun 2, nhl rivals, sid meiers pirates, all star baseball, marvel v capcom 2, splinter cell, and halo.



  6. Hi Jaybee. I am interested in some of the xbox original games. Can you tell me what you have left?

  7. Anubias nana petite is very very slow growing. It does look great used like this though..... but would be a long term project unless you could find someone with a large enough quantity who would be willing to sell it..... for a pretty penny. straight nana or medium size anubias' grow much faster than nana petite. You could try pinning some riccia under some fine netting over the rock. It wont cling super tight, but it can look great. Riccia is pretty much a love or hate plant though. You could go see fishchick and see what she has in the way of dwarf or narrow leaf java fern varieties. No really a creeper as such. Perhaps your best be if you want it quickly is to go for one of the moss varieties. There isnt alot that will firmly attach to a rock. Anubias and mosses are about it. Most of the others will require long term help. There are plenty of runner type plants, such as micro swords, pennywort etc... but not alot that will cling strongly and densly to rocks etc. Have a look through the aquagreen catalog. There is quite a bit of stuff there you might find something that isnt readily known for attaching. Jason
  8. In woolies at kallangur they have cat litter which is pure attapulgite clay. I have successfully used it in planted tanks. It takes a day or 2 for the cloudiness to settle. And always wash it the best you can first, but I found it works and once cleared the water is crystal clear. It is chandler pet litter, and it is in a red and orange bag. Hope this helps.
  9. More often than not, its the beginning of the end in my experience. Cant tell you if it can be fixed for a certainty. Nor can I tell you exactly why it happens. Its not something like white spot which is readily diagnosable and treatable. I have had it happen to a few fish over the years. Some turn floater, some turn sinker. I have no accurate stats, but it seems to me that the floaters rarely recover. Sinkers can readily learn to live with it, and can recover more often. I have seen fish recover from it without any treatment at all, have also seen them die even with various treatment. It wouldnt hurt to try something like pimafix, Metronidazole, or even spectrum thera a+. As to why it happens, I imagine some of the more Ichthyological members would give a more educated answer rather than the good or bad guess which I could provide. I am sure there are members here who could give you more than just an opinion and a guess like myself. I hope he pulls through. Try giving Tutters or Quasimido a pm. I dont know how often they come on here these days, but they might have a better idea of effective treatments.
  10. Randy buggers. Quite often you wont even need a male. If the fish shop has males and females in together, the female will almost certainly already be pregnant.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Easy life, while different to stability, will significantly shorten your cycle period if done according to instructions. I prefer it, but its just personal preference. Have you considered sourcing some filter juice or seeded media from another member? Heating will help your bacteria grow faster.
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