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  1. i would trade my soul for one of these
  2. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWsubwebindex/fwmorayart.htm touche'
  3. there is apparently at least one dedicated freshwater species of moray, anyone know any info? and if possible where i can get one?
  4. i didnt have any free when i set up the tank. ill probably just buy some logs so im not compromising was just wandering if anyone had seen it. thanks guys!
  5. to catch, put a big piece of pvc pipe in there, and nothing else. hell go in there, just block the ends with 2 nets in one big swoop and bam.
  6. hey all, been sniffing around the LFSs, and getting many different opinions. id like to hear from someone who knows what they are talking about from experience please. i have a spare 4x2x2. Would like to keep a nice Moray in there, and a triggerfish, most probably clown. (loved these guys for years, and went snorkling with them alst year in fiji!) can someone please tell me exactly what i need and the process involved in setting the tank up? lets pretend i know nothing and go from the start. hopefully someone can spare the time to help me out! thanks - simon
  7. yeah thats what i thought. my experience to. just trying to be a tight ass. put them in the tank last night, had eggs in 2 hours. wierd...
  8. 1.75 inch white pvc tube open ended about 20cm long? set up a breeding 4 foot, and have just never bred them in pvc. anyone?
  9. slightly off topic but yes, the particular form of motorsport im involved in had a dedicated AUS magazine, went bankrupt due to the wealth of info available on online forums. Also, when TFH was a similar price, i know which i would have picked
  10. upside down terrcotta pot with a horozontal oval drilled in the front works perfect. from memory they will strip the gravel out from inside and lay in the corner between glass and pot. you could see them pair as small as 5 cm. they wont take long to grow!
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  12. i didnt read all that, but was gonna sugest black backing. also, go outside and smash one of your rocks, and scatter some of it between the shells, to break up the transition, looks more natural. maybe some val if your a plant man?
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