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  1. thanks Sarah i was very surprised myself by just how good this mineral works. it is now being used in all my tanks. well one side of my room has the "bee shrimp mineral GH+" this has all my taibee and crystals in it and the other side of my room has the "Sulawesi mineral 7.5" which is perfect for all cherry shrimp and has had the exact same effect on them. i wish we had this mineral when i first started keeping shrimp i would have billions by now
  2. so i though i would share a video with you all showing a tank that i set up using only the "Bee shrimp mineral GH+" with RO water. mixed with an EC value of 200 as per mixing instructions on the bottles. This tank was set up only for testing this product as i do with all my products. The tank was filled with ro and mineral and shrimp added. (and yes the tank was cycled of coarse) after 10 weeks with 5 females.
  3. Got to agree with DFF above, a good male will give you some nice babies to continue working with.
  4. anything high is faty acids is best for breeding rates. not sure about cherry color improvement though, as cherries change so often depending on there environment.
  5. tank is looking good mate, the algae is not a bad thing if your a shrimp its only a problem to us humans. lol i would not clean the back of the tank as the shrimp will always have a good food source that way.
  6. Hi Brendan sound like you have a good project ahead of yourself mate. after reading through this the first thing that cam to mind was the spacing as mentioned already. the second more important thing is that you are going to use a Polyurethane membrane on the timbers which i am assuming is for a moisture barrier of sorts. there are 2 problems you will have with any of the poly based membranes. They are "One way moisture barriers" meaning if if you leave a pin hole or damage the poly and moisture gets on that point it will de-laminate from the timber and water will remain trapped under it rotting your timber quicker than if left without anything. the second is it can be damaged very easily when installing the tanks or moving them etc leading to the foirst lot of issues. i would be more inclined to use a weather proof external rated paint or a 2 part epoxy membrane/sealant as its stronger, lasts longer and is a 2 way moisture barrier meaning blocks water from both sides. i hope this helps a little with the build. cheers Dean
  7. Hi Liljohn_83 your killing it with color morfs mate, great work. ill need to be buying shrimp off you the way your going
  8. Hi Yoshi thanks mate, i am happy with the setup so far. the colours are absolutely amazing and look even better in real life. the best part is there is no low grade/ colorless juvis born like the standard crs and cbs. all babies look just as good as the parents so its very rewarding to breed and keep these types.
  9. That's a complex question that has no simple answer im afraid. i think that once some of the great German researchers start to publish there work in English and the agencies involved in decision making get more hard proven literature about the diseases and bacteria that shrimp carry, they will be better able to make judgement on how they can be treated and the actual bio-risk they may or may not have. i have attached a link below to a Comprehensive German Book that is the most up to date catalog and only complete database of know disease in the aquarium shrimp that was published this year. I have been trying to get the publishing company to publish some English copies for us in Australia but they are not interested at this stage as it is a brand new book that was only just released in Germany but im hoping to get something by the end of the year. Krankheiten der Süßwassergarnelen im Aquarium - Garnelaxia so my answer to this question in short is 60/100 but could get higher as time goes by. i think if more people put in and give Dave from AquaGreen a hand organizing and putting together The import risk assessment he is currently doing for the sulawesi cardinal shrimp the better the chances are for use all. regards Dean
  10. Hi DeadFishFloating, thanks mate and im happy to be here. i dont think im ready to go Pro just yet and step up to an ebi tank but you never know
  11. i had to think about that a little before i got it RM? yeah. all good. ill reply tomorrow as i need to do some real work now and stop typing away on the computer. thanks mate.
  12. Hi relle im in the Melbourne area thanks i was hoping i was not the only one from down this way.
  13. Hi Matmatmat thank you and im glad to be here. ill try to keep the photos not to attractive then. like this for example is this ok?
  14. Thank you John, Questions i dont mind and advice im happy to give but marriage proposals im not so interested in
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