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  1. ..hi oh ty lilah but i have my full tank now ty anyway
  2. ..yes why bother ..the problem could be more than u asked for..go get yourself a new tank..dont by someone elses c.....p
  3. i think its a great little world we have going here..great source of info..well set up site..if im haveing a not so good fish time..its good to get some suggestions..how why when which to fix..ect.. dont care how long you all have been keeping fish for ..we all keep learining every day...if it wasnt a helpful site ..i woodnt be hear cheers
  4. ty ..grubby..im a dudette btw..but ill heed your warning ty
  5. ill do my best to remove them to another tank..ill take the harsh with the positve..its the only way to learn..merry christmas
  6. ..hi guys..thats a no to rod..and the fish i have in my community tank are as follows..3 pakistani loaches 1 large angel 1 congo tetra and 5 other tetras..(forget the species) plus 5 maller catties ty
  7. re blue eyed cichlid boys..i noticed one boy was being chased by the other..thought enough was enough..have now moved one out into my 4 foot community tank..see how he goes in there..at least ive tried something ...lol...
  8. thankyou for your responses..ill certainly take on board all comments
  9. hi all..ive just aquired 2 15cm blueyed ciclid boys..into my 5 foot tank..they seem hard to feed.. they have been in there since last sunday..they r not being bullied..everything else in the tank is way smaller than them they have safe areas to go to..im feeding hakari sinking pellets plus flake my tank is malawi- american mix..any positve comments will be much appreicated ty in advance
  10. id like a couple of red tailed black sharks or some tiger barbs..if anyones selling them ty in advance
  11. hi everyone im looking for around 6-8 tiger barbs please closer to caboolture area wood be excellent if possible ty in advance
  12. ok..guys..what would u say is an overstocked tank..?..ive a 5 footer with around 22 africans ranging from 5cm,,up too 11cm max.and 6 albino catties..ranging from 2cm up to 4cm pretty happy with that amount ..knowing that they will grow cheers
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