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  1. I’m looking at getting my 6x2x2 tank resealed,tank is located morayfeild but can drop off wherever.please msg me with a price ect. cheers
  2. Hey I'm looking at setting up a basic salt water tank for a mangrove jack, I'll be getting it in three weeks so I'd like to have a tank cycled by then its a 4x2x2 1/2 with a chamber sump but I have a wet and dry sump I could use also, I have fifteen kilos of coral pieces heaps of Jap mat, filter sponge, Dacron, Scoria, and sponge filters I can use. I've been reading on the internet all different ways and looking at all different setups but it seems everyone have there own opinions so I'd like to get a few opinions from you guys and see what I can come up with thanks in advance.
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  4. im always keeping my eye out for em,heaps of crap arround though
  5. yer i wouldnt breed them for food,better off withs jags,rivs,flowerhorns,guppies,platys,swortails ect.i breed em coz i wana get them back to how they used to be.
  6. i would buy a pair mate as the smaller convicts dont have that bigger batches but my big females has 100s
  7. what type are they?,my first thought was holly peppered aswell.
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  9. everyone says you can not breed clown loaches,thats a lie.so i saykeep trying mate
  10. im looking to recharge my macropore,just wondering how much salt or bleach to use,i have approx. 1L. thankyou in advance p.s I know there is a thred for it but I can not find it anywhere.
  11. good to see the girls went to a good home with big brutus
  12. im not %100 sure but maybe colbolt blues or demisoni BUT i have read somwhere they will so just wait for donny he will tell you wht to put with em,or matt will.
  13. just sent you a pm mate,no wouldnt do that as ive had it done to me and its so annoying,and yes he did get a bargin.
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