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  1. I’m looking at getting my 6x2x2 tank resealed,tank is located morayfeild but can drop off wherever.please msg me with a price ect. cheers
  2. Hey I'm looking at setting up a basic salt water tank for a mangrove jack, I'll be getting it in three weeks so I'd like to have a tank cycled by then its a 4x2x2 1/2 with a chamber sump but I have a wet and dry sump I could use also, I have fifteen kilos of coral pieces heaps of Jap mat, filter sponge, Dacron, Scoria, and sponge filters I can use. I've been reading on the internet all different ways and looking at all different setups but it seems everyone have there own opinions so I'd like to get a few opinions from you guys and see what I can come up with thanks in advance.
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  4. im always keeping my eye out for em,heaps of crap arround though
  5. yer i wouldnt breed them for food,better off withs jags,rivs,flowerhorns,guppies,platys,swortails ect.i breed em coz i wana get them back to how they used to be.
  6. i would buy a pair mate as the smaller convicts dont have that bigger batches but my big females has 100s
  7. what type are they?,my first thought was holly peppered aswell.
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  9. everyone says you can not breed clown loaches,thats a lie.so i saykeep trying mate
  10. im looking to recharge my macropore,just wondering how much salt or bleach to use,i have approx. 1L. thankyou in advance p.s I know there is a thred for it but I can not find it anywhere.
  11. good to see the girls went to a good home with big brutus
  12. im not %100 sure but maybe colbolt blues or demisoni BUT i have read somwhere they will so just wait for donny he will tell you wht to put with em,or matt will.
  13. just sent you a pm mate,no wouldnt do that as ive had it done to me and its so annoying,and yes he did get a bargin.
  14. hey mabby 6 im so so sorry,as soon as i seen this i checked my sent items to copy and paste here but to my suprise i havent sent it(i say IT as i %100 wrote it).i will pm you now.again i am so sorry mate and hope i can make it up to you in the future.
  15. thanks everyone for you kind words,ive slowly been sellig everything anyway so this is just a thing to make me move it along i think.i was thinking of selling them a few feeks ago to but just couldnt bring myself to part with them,my plan was to just keep them ,my cuckoos and my clown loaches but that changed over night.another thing is they arent that easy to find but not rare.
  16. thanks guys,i just can not beleive it.
  17. so this morining i wake up to my girlfriend saying babe all the mdoka white lips are dead.i said WHAT!!!!and went out there and yep 6 out of seven are as still as a rock,all becuase i didnt plug the sump pump back in yesterday ima ****ing ****head,so ive decided to sell off what i have left and try find a new hobby,ive lost plenty of fish before but nothing like this as they were my pride and joy since 3cm(some were pushing 15cm till today).im gutted is the only way to put it.so if anyone has a colony of mdokas alrready you are welcome to have the last one (about 12cm)as he would love some friends again,he is looking very sad
  18. I run it the same way you mentioned and works perfect.
  19. i have a few ob peacocks about 1 cm and some convicts about 1.5cm if you need any for feeders,im in morayfield.
  20. native rainbows would be another hardy/active fish that dosent require a massive tank and is easy to get a few donated.
  21. very nice tank Keegan im jealous.and DAMM what do you feed those jews they are soooo fat!!hopefully will see these same fish in a massive tank all pushing a metre(except the jew)in a couple years lol.good work mate
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