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    very down to eath guy always loved fish & tanks
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    fish,fishing best fish to date 26kg jew fish court in gold coast seaway, 1999.
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  1. I'd be interested in a get together to get some blue eyes and rainbow fish
  2. Hands off . Peter fords rainbow fish.
  3. Lee's crossing daybro rainbows, blue eyes, hardyheads, youngs crossing Pine River. Blue eyes, rainbows, glass fish
  4. Have outdoor pond. 150ltre. Guppies, blue eyes, rainbows , threadfins . Guppies breeding like mad
  5. Guppies. Got some good Dumbo ears . And emerald green Guppies females are fat as so should have some babies soon
  6. Any water sprite available north Brisbane area
  7. Thanks for the kind words from both of you guys. Having meet you both it was a pleasure meeting you guys and in the future I will be interested in buying stuff from you
  8. All good here guy's. I'm just a genuine person who try's to help people. If you saw some of the homes that I clean that's who I am
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