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    very down to eath guy always loved fish & tanks
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    fish,fishing best fish to date 26kg jew fish court in gold coast seaway, 1999.
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  1. Have a little bit more in sump if anyone wants some
  2. Container of duck weed Caboolture. Working in mt gravatt Monday till 4.30pm can help with delivery
  3. Container of duck weed Caboolture working in mt gravatt Monday till 4pm can help if you want
  4. Any melis in Brisbane region for sale
  5. After some luminatus blue eyes open to anywhere in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast
  6. Looking for some cories not fust on type around 8,10 be great
  7. Also if you can if it's on plants or anything you can easily remove from the tank. Remove and rinse off with a water or soft brush.
  8. Any orange spot or calico BN in Brisbane preferred but not set in stone
  9. Looking for some Bosmani Rainbow fish in Brisbane area preferred but not set in stone
  10. looking for some Rainbow fish. Unusual ones be great Brisbane region preferred but not set in stone
  11. looking for some Bossmani Rainbow fish in Brisbane preferred but not set in stone
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