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    very down to eath guy always loved fish & tanks
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    fish,fishing best fish to date 26kg jew fish court in gold coast seaway, 1999.
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  1. Ok that's great im Caboolture but work in chermside. Could drop in Tuesday afternoon around 3.30pmish if that suits you
  2. Okay cool. Where you located. Be interested in a couple of 270,s 3-4cm
  3. looking for some L Numbers in Brisbane preferred but not set in stone. What you got. 3-5cm
  4. looking for some Marble , calico BN , L333, L002, Anywhere in Brisbane region preferred but not set in stone
  5. Like the Meliums, and Currumbim creek. Very nice
  6. From a person who has had marine tanks for 25 years. What you need to do is decide on what you want to do. Fish only is pretty much Decent Skimmer , you can get great budget ones from Guppies aquarium products. Stay away from Aqua 1. Decent pump and lights. Plenty of flow and circulation, wave makers , again Some great budget deals Will the likes of Guppies supplies. Coral you will need Dossing Stations and coral foods. Once you have set it up it's pretty much like fresh water. Frequent water changes, You can use NSW or Artificial water mixers. . If your in need of some help please contact me, will help anyway I can
  7. Love the purple spots have had several over the years
  8. I've got some LCA BBA remover ill give this a go. Apparently it's the go
  9. Have wave maker and internal power head flows fine .
  10. Iv been using LPA ferts apparently it's good for BBA but not doing anything really. Plants growing great
  11. also do 40+% water changes and gravel vacuum ingredients weekly
  12. Ok i don't have CO2 . But trying out a BBA remover apparently it's good
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