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  1. Need help finding where to buy a mangrove jack on the Sunshine Coast. Cheers
  2. Hi, i'm interested in some Tropheus throw me some pictures of what you have for sale or a name of someone selling some thanks guys.
  3. What sort of pellets I have ones I feed to my Oscar would they be suitable or not? How long did yours live or been alive for ( gumbotron)
  4. I was just wondering besides live fish what can you feed these guys and also some good plants that can go with them
  5. 10mins or so I had some 10 cm plus ones I threw back I just wanted fish for feeders will they be ok
  6. Hey caught these out of my local dam not 100% of what they're any help would be appreciated ( sorry for dodge photos )
  7. 3ft, 1000lph canister ( can go smaller) high light ( name of a good light? ) start off with about 15ish guppies and a few bn maybe some cherry shrimp , not 100% on plants I like val ( suggestions would be good ) hope this clears it up more thanks.
  8. Looking at starting a planted guppy tank just wondering if they are hard to maintain ( how often do you clean it etc)
  9. How many guppies you have and what plants
  10. Hello I have a 3ft tank and was just wondering if I could turn into planted tank with guppies ( is it big enough etc) any help would be much appreciated like what sort of plants or guppies. Thanks a lot
  11. i had a huge one that bit my mates finger and made him bleed haha
  12. i use nls pellets at night and sera flora flakes in the morning and they love it to bits with your problem i would most likely say bloat but im no expert
  13. hey i was wondering what plants i can put in with my tropheus bulu points (cherry spots) and if anyone has suggested plants for sale on the sunshine coast i would be interested:)thanks
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