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  1. Hey mate might be late but i can build u a steel stand
  2. as the title states im chasing some balzani geophagus , i have been told they are here in Aus its just a matter of talking to the right person. if anyone could help that would be great! thanks.
  3. got some geos the other day, any one recommend some good tank mates?
  4. Where abouts are you none? sounds like you know the area haha
  5. cheers none, i have spoken to a few enthusiasts here but when they sell their fish or tanks ect on the facebook groups here theres barely a hit. ill have to come sus out pet barn, ive been to a few good shops in there already, animal obessions is pretty good
  6. Hey guys so its been a whole year since ive done a thread or had a fish tank.... a year ago i moved to Moranbah which is 2 1/2 hours west of Mackay so the wife could pursue her teaching career. Its a great small town but the Aquarium hobby here is nearly non existent so finding a tank for sale was very hard. it took some time but i managed to track down a second hand 4 ft tank here, next goal was to get a filter which i had sent up from brissy, i went with a ehiem 2217. Our hardware store here is Mitre 10 and is very limited so i sorta had to work with what they had when it came to building the cabinet and hood. They came out all right but if i was living in Brisbane still it would have looked very different. Im a stainless steel fabricator by trade so timber isn't something im used to and after watching a few DIY videos on you tube i thought id give it ago, the worst that could happen is id break something and have to start again lol Materials here arent exactly cheap so i was determined to get it right the first time! this build has taken a couple of months as ive had to wait for most things to come in the mail from all over Aus, So here are some pics of the build in a few stages, ive decided once the tank has cycled it will be a geophagus tank which ones tho depend on availability in mackay i guess!
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  8. thanks man, yeah life just got a little crazy! love how things never go to plan ... lol
  9. from memory they have 2 major spurts. the should power on up to about 15 cm and then slow down at 20 then go again until 25, had mates that raised bass and their spurts were around the same but not exactly the same. definatly 2 spurts though , hope this helps.
  10. ive had to shut down my tank as im moving north west.... wife has got a teaching job in moranbah so ive got a mate looking after them in a 4 ft until i get a 6 ft built out there. ill have a crack at building it myself. but anways heres some updated pics
  11. nah mate , they never hide now, they get excited to see me if anything lol. they stay as a school now too. when i first got them 2 weeks ago they just hid and scattered
  12. The little guys are starting to pack on some weight, just starting them on pellets today. still feeding them a mix of brine and blood worms 3-4 times a day
  13. Haha weird man, must have taken them a while to get used to their environment , my bass have grown bout a cm already and chase me when I walk past the tank, they already know their daddy haha
  14. they should be eating 3 times a day at your size so they will be hungry. try putting a blood worm cube in a glass of water to defrost them tip it in and walk right away. make sure u gravel vac any left over food as it will spoil the water since you have them in a 3 ft tank
  15. Mine spoked for a few days and I had to stand ages away before they would eat and now they will swim to the top and get ready for what ever I drop, try frozen brine shrimp. If they don't eat for a few days somthing is wrong , they are pigs and should give into hunger in no time
  16. Just a little video of the little guys
  17. does your canister have the attachments for a surface skimmer? that will clear it up
  18. I think Dom is his user name and it was $360
  19. its only my opinion but im thinking 6 adults will be ok in my 8 ft. had to buy 10 cos dom doesnt ship less then 10
  20. all depends on the water quality. food, temp and size of the tank. thats why im doing this little experiment. mylast bass went from 6 cm - 28 cm in 14 months in a 5 ft. so it will be interesting to see how an 8 ft changes things. yeah they are from dom in tassie.
  21. Hey guys just recently bought 10 peacock bass at around 5 cm and thought id do a thread on their growth rate, I have raised fry before so I know they grow quick but this time I'm doing it a little different. Different diet and bigger tank. I will update each month with some pics and just and update on their diet and behavior. Currently in an 8ft with water temp at 28 degrees , ph is 7.4 and I've added a nice big peice of drift wood with Anubis as I found last time it brought the green out more and just somewhere for them to hide Their current behavior is standard for bass this size and they just hide and sook until feeding time. I've also attached a photo of the father as he has beautiful colors Their diet for this first week has been brine shrimp and bloodworms , will be moving them onto new era very soon as it's a softer pellet for them to start with.
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