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  1. G'day mick yeah very hard not to the itch when Andrew is around. Been thinking about a nice colony of feather fins for my bare 8 fter, what reckon would be good ?
  2. G'day guys, hey Doug and Matt how's it all been going? yep it's been a long time between drinks and some mad super auctions. Looking forward to see what lauee ends up with and how the hell he is going to sneak it past Min, god love her looking forward to catching up with everyone soon, I'm sure a mad dash to brissy is just around the corner. Cheers Lloyd
  3. I have been using the biggest u/v cloverleaf for a couple of years now, can't complain been a good unit, just watch the ends where the power goes into the tube there not the best design, make sure u keep the kiddies away from it, just easy for the power cord to come away from the tube. cheers lloyd
  4. thanks guys for all your replies, i will give those guys mentioned a buzz, yeah looking for pn12.5 blueline, bunnings not the best for stuff like that. cheers and thanks lloyd
  5. does anyone know the cheapest place to buy blue line poly pipe and pvc pipe and pvc fitting? cheers lloyd
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