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  1. Once you get them started its pretty hard to stop them spawning lol. My peppered colony seems to be laying eggs at least one a week... sometimes 2 days! Mind you I do have 3 females and 8 males in a tank together. Good luck with raising the new batch of fry! Cheers Amy
  2. well that one I was holding in the pic was one of the largest ones...
  3. Thanks for your replies. They would have just been taken home the same day except for an unexpected death in the family. Poor timing I guess which just made the whole thing traumatic which of course got the boyfriend a little ticked off over the fish. Lesson learnt. Cheers Amy
  4. Im not sure what has happened here and was hoping someone could give me a bit of an idea... the situation wasn't ideal but it was the best option I had at the time. I'd rather know if I did something wrong so it doesnt happen again. I bought 10 peppermint fry Saturday afternoon from the North Brisbane area. When I got them they were in a plastic bag, some were 3cms, others were lucky to be 1.5cm. As I wasnt heading back to Kingaroy till today I emptied the bag into a bucket and put a bit more rain water into the bucket as well. The bucket has only ever been used for fish. I didnt have any air stones or anything in but I changed about 30% of the water this morning with rain water again. This afternoon when I went to leave I found that 8 had died and had bloated guts and what looked to be air bubbles in them. Ive got a photo... I did the same thing with a pair of Orange Spots (breeding size) and they are fine and have settled in really well. They were in different buckets. Any ideas???? Its just a little upsetting as I'd been wanting peppermints for ages and this goes and happens Cheers Amy
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