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  1. Howdy all, Would anyone know where to get a 4 way or more gangvalve that has outlets that suit 3/8" weighted tubing? All I can find are ones that suit 4 mm tubing. Cheers
  2. OK its been awhile since i did any plumbing etc and the tank i bought come with 2 bulkheads in the base with pvc uprights, and 90 degree bends underneath into a sump My problem is I cant remember the best way to reduce the loud gurgling sound im getting Ill attach a drawing of its setup but does anyone have any tips Thanks Sean
  3. Thanks ponytail ! They both give off blueish/white light so i would say your right. At least i no now
  4. Afternoon all , Its been over 5 years since i last kept fish and while I still no everything there is too about water chemistry and keeping, today i picked up a tank with sump ( ex marine tank ) and while I am not using it for a marine setup it came with 2 different LED lights. Ive never known much in regards to lights and am wondering if anyone could give me some info as to whether these are just simply display lights or could they be used if i decided on a plant setup at all. Ill attach photos and what info is on them ( no brand names etc ) so i dont have much to go on. Thanks Sean
  5. Thanks SteveandJules, I just tried with an elbow / end cap so as in a line as such and it made it worse lol so ive just got it back to a T for now, And i wouldnt no what kind of pressure is meant to come direct out of the pump lol Only thing i can think is maybe the pump is buggered in which case i dont no if i can get it repaired, i might just have to see how long it lasts until i can afford a new 1. Thanks for the help guys Cheers Sean
  6. Thanks for the response FIIK And yes the fitting from the pump is via a T Piece, and ill change it over this arvo to and elbow and cap the other end and will see how it goes, Will also make sure all sponges are cleaned out to help aswell lol Cheers again Sean
  7. Howdy all, I've just recently moved house and i wanted to setup a few tanks i had on an air pump i bought from redlands over a year ago ( Pond One 8000 which produces 4200l/hr or 70l /m ). It was only used mildly at my old place so its still basically brand new. My questions are, I have it trying to run 19 sponge filters at the moment ( no tanks are 2ft deep ) , should this pump handle this fine? Because at current i have each sponge individually valved and have them on minimum flow however i have another 4 sponge filters for 2 other 2ft tanks which i did want running but it does not seem to be enough air. Am i trying to stretch to much? Or is maybe my setup a big fail lol ? I have my pump running off to 13mm poly pipe in a square loop with points for all sponges ( which are each valved ) . I tried adding the extra 4 sponges on however nothing, Ive also tried raising some of the sponges but that actually sometimes cuts allot of them off. Does anybody know whether i may need a bigger air pump or my setup is completely wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards Sean
  8. I feel your pain! Moving this weekend and a few tanks to move ! I hate the fact that its raining because it makes it miserable to move lol
  9. I use both the Cichlid attack and the community, for americans africans and tropicals, i cant fault the stuff, nothing but healthy breeding fish, just found the other day a pair of my jags have paired up and layed and this is all ive been feeding them since i got them.
  10. Hey,

    Am interested in your 1200x400x400 tanks (If you've still got them)

    How much for just the tanks, no stand?

  11. Mate love your products, have been buying your food and also got some sponge filters a bit back, couldnt be happier with the service will be ordering again soon, and now i can get a discount woot
  12. Thanks Fingers crossed for the future then,
  13. Howdy all, Question, this is the first time ive ever kept any sort of americans, i have a 6ft divided cascading tank, and in 1 of the sections i bought a male and female convict. Now for the last few weeks all they have done is hide inside an ornament that was in there, then on saturday i went and bought 2 blue rams( pretty sure i got male and female ) and they are placed in 1 of the sections next to the convicts, now with it being glass they can all see each other, and once the rams were put in now the convicts hang around the glass face and so do the rams right next to each other lol. Im not worried or anything, but having never kept any of these guys, would this just be more of a territorial thing and will they still breed if they can see the other fish etc etc? Cheers Sean
  14. Argh thanks all, and yep trofius i have the threaded barbs attached into the poly pipe, and the air tubing off the other end. Ill grab myself some valves etc and see how it all goes
  15. Thankyou DFF Will go grab some. Cheers
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