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  1. Hey mate been offered 2500 can bring price down for a special ray

  2. Hey mate $1200 is my offer... What are you expecting for it... Will be with another few datnoids so will be in a good home... Will get some to pick up this week and transfer money now

  3. Hey mate $1200 is my offer... What are you expecting for it

  4. Sorry bud been offered 2500 and that's not a typo

  5. 750 for the dat and I can come today!

  6. Sorry mate but not in the same league as everyone else..go all in cause the fish will be sold

  7. Hi Ben just saw your Wii for a clown knife I have a 7 foot salt water set it can be used for fresh it's 3 separate tanks on a massive stand. The tanks are huge too they're all 3 ft across and 2 foot deep and different lengths long. I stopped using it when we moved house a year ago and would like to see it go to some one with a passion for fish. If that sounds good to you I'd also consider chucking some $ in With it. Any way let me know cheers jake

  8. Wow fantastic pics mate awesome tanks
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