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  1. Personal preference really, I normally use sand and have about 10-20mm. Too much gravel looks terrible IMO, less is more. However if you have a planted tank anywhere up to 50mm is common.
  2. https://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/threads/do-jags-get-nuchal-humps.488618/ Could just be physical damage but I have no idea TBH
  3. Great Project, looking forward to more pics!
  4. Looks Good! Which is your favourite fish?
  5. A 300 watt heater doesn't matter which brand will heat the same volume of water for the same amount of power. 300 Watt is 300 watt. The size of the heater depends on the ambient temperature and volume of water. In my household 300 watt is not sufficient for tanks 1000 Litres and over if your trying to keep water at 26 degrees or more through winter. The only difference is build quality and the accuracy of the temperature reading within the heater determining how often it will switch on and off. And 1 watt per 3 litres is a general guideline, one brand will perform the same as any other as far as watts to volume goes. https://bloglocation.com/art/water-heating-calculator-for-time-energy-power
  6. +1 It will more than likely be from the driftwood, I have had driftwood pieces leach for years.
  7. Similar filter for much cheaper and also local https://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=7042&catID=6
  8. Tilapia most likely, I would imagine they would be across the road too
  9. FX6 would be the best bet, you can find them a bit cheaper second hand when they pop up. +1 for adding the wavemaker.
  10. There is a link above the image currently they are $99 https://www.thetechden.com.au/Fluval_FX6_FX5_FX4_Gravel_Vac_Cleaner_Powered_p/pf154.htm
  11. No idea I left after 10am, couldn't wait any longer.
  12. Hey guys was waiting outside age of aquariums this morning and still not open. it says open from 9am. Are they open today? I tried to ring and it says I have rung outside of business hours on a message.
  13. have a tank for sale that would suit you http://www.qldaf.com/forums/dry-goods-trader-13/nano-tank-c02-bottle-c02-gear-126829/
  14. Pretty much spot on, they are real sooks as far as aggression goes I have found. However in most cases if it fits in their mouth it'll disappear. They go well with Tiger oscars, Jags, Green texas etc but I wouldn't keep them with more aggressive fish.
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