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  1. Gravel Height

    Personal preference really, I normally use sand and have about 10-20mm. Too much gravel looks terrible IMO, less is more. However if you have a planted tank anywhere up to 50mm is common.
  2. 2 x Blue neon acara one is about 9cm the other 7-8cm Location: Drewvale Price: 30 each or $50 for both Will throw up pictures later
  3. FS Fluval FX5

    No longer needed works fine, comes with ceramic bio rings and extra filter wool. Location: Drewvale Price $245 ono
  4. Discus set up

    maybe panda corydoras?
  5. https://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/threads/do-jags-get-nuchal-humps.488618/ Could just be physical damage but I have no idea TBH
  6. 8 ft Amazon Community

    Great Project, looking forward to more pics!
  7. I have some driftwood cats for sale
  8. Price $20 each or all four for $60 Location: Drewvale Healthy active Fish about 130-150mm long.
  9. Healthy fish, selling to free up some space. Larger one is about 120mm and the other is about 105-110mm. Location: Drewvale Price: $20 each or both for $30 Would swap for albino oscar
  10. Sorry mate forgot to update thread. Decided to keep it replaced my broken tank. Cheers
  11. Lake Malawi African Peacock Tank

    Looks Good! Which is your favourite fish?
  12. No Longer Available. Cheers